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Waste not want not – food waste

As a chef, it is part our job to order each week what the kitchen needs, maintain stock levels and make sure that no ingredient goes to waste. As our lives get busier and busier how do we at home make sure that we are not wasting the excess food from the shopping two days ago that wasn’t completely used in last night’s dinner?


WHY YOU REALLY SHOULD BE EATING GLUTEN AND SIX OTHER ESSENTIAL EXPERT DIET TIPS by Delicious. Gwyneth Paltrow’s healthy carbonara Do we really need to be gobbling Himalayan berries and bee pollen to be healthy? What about ditching carbs, gluten and meat? Lindy Alexander clears up some common food misconceptions. Type “healthy eating” into Google […]

“Fill up on life” with Chef Dominique Rizzo at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Launch of their New Menu

  The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre was recently named the World’s Best Convention Centre by the International Association of Congress Centres and best in the world for Food & Beverage, receiving double the ratings of other international convention centres.  With such an impressive reputation, The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre celebrated the launch of their new menu […]

Swordfish Involtini by Chef Dominique Rizzo on SBS

Chef and author Dominique Rizzo shares her recipe for swordish involtini with SBS Radio’s Matteo Rubbettino. This Swordfish Involtini recipe is a rendition of the sarde beccafico, stuffed baked sardines, although this is my version using swordfish and the similar delicious stuffing of garlic, pine nuts, raisins, pecorino cheese and onions. Sarde beccafico is a […]

At home with chef Dominique Rizzo

Excellent planning and the right appliances are key in this Tuscan-inspired kitchen, designed by Lee Hardcastle of Enigma Kitchens for chef, author and presenter Dominique Rizzo. At home with chef Dominique Rizzo gives an insight into how sustainable materials and practices are a key part of her home life. Alex: Dominique and Lee, can you give […]

Easy Summer Entertaining with Chef Dominique Rizzo

It’s summer time and Chef Dominique Rizzo is sharing some of her favourite summer recipes with you.  These are fabulous drinks and recipes to prepare for your guests without spending hours in the kitchen.  Easy summer entertaining in a busy schedule makes sense. Easy Summer Entertaining – Lime and Lychee Wine Spritzer This fresh wine spritzer […]

Want to Know More about Chef Dominique Rizzo?

Want to know more about Chef Dominique Rizzo?   This is an excerpt from an interview with Dominique by “Gastronomy Gal” at http://www.gastronomygal.com/ for their blog “Healthy Eating Month”. Q:   Having an Italian background, I guess cooking is in your blood. Did you start cooking when you were really young? My mother tells me that I […]

How to Bake Christmas Glazed Ham with Apricots

How to bake Christmas Glazed Ham with apricots You will need these ingredients: Leg of ham, brown sugar, apricots, marmalade, ginger beer, orange juice, orange zest. This is what you do: Blend until smooth the apricots, marmalade, orange juice and zest; In a saucepan combine the apricot mix combined with brown sugar, salt and cinnamon […]