Chef, restaurateur, media presenter and food advocate. Dominique Rizzo’s passionately designed food and wine cooking tours are far from a traditional destination holiday. Chef Dominique Rizzo’s Food, Wine & Culture Tours are complete gastronomic holidays. They include a total cultural and sensory immersion into some of the world’s most exotic and delicious locations.

Destinations like Sicily, Italy, and Spain, with new tours to Morocco, Sardinia and Corsica await you.

Our foodie tours are to coveted gourmet travel destinations for a very good reason. Culture, food and wine merge in these regions to create an unforgettable experience.

What Makes Dominique Rizzo’s Food, Wine & Culture Tours So Special?

Most of all, what is unique about pure food cooking tours, is the quality of the culinary journey. Our focus is on relaxed, comfortable travel, and celebrating the people and history of each country.

On our gastronomy tours it’s not just about the food. You will gain insight into culture, heritage, old worlds and traditions. As well, you will get to know people of great humanity and hospitality. You can also admire the vast, brilliant oceans, nature and wildlife of these intoxicating places. All the while, enjoying colourful cuisines cooked by skilled chefs and locals who love their work.

What is included in the gourmet travel packages?

These gourmet travel experiences include everything you need for a perfect holiday. Our regional local air-conditioned transport and bespoke accommodation is all taken care of. Furthermore, we provide a magical itinerary, cooking classes and unique food events all including local and prized delicious wine.

  • Food and Wine

    There’s food, food and more food…and wine. We offer amazing gastronomy tours of your chosen region. Taste all the gourmet delights on offer. This includes food market tastings of local specialties. It also includes gourmet traditional lunches, banquet dinners and full degustation menus. Dominique designs the menus herself. Her aim is to showcase the region’s best cuisine and food culture. Therefore, giving you an authentically different food and wine experience each day.

    In addition, experience hands-on cooking classes and cooking demonstrations provided by Dominique and some amazing passionate local chefs. You don’t have to be a perfect cook to enjoy our cooking classes, we cater for every cooking level.

  • Culture

    Our foodie tours include more. They are an immersion of culture, which combines food and wine with a cultural experience. This means Dominique provides you with guided cultural tours during your holiday. She is passionate about the arts and culture of each region reflected in the itinerary that includes leisurely walks to visit the sights which make the region so memorable. In addition, there are visits to museums, churches, palaces and historic villas, monuments and local archaeological parks. The aim is to provide you with valuable local knowledge and history of the region. In addition, Dominique will take you to explore the area’s natural beauty enjoying the stunning coastlines or ranges, and stopping to smell the roses.

    Dominique’s English speaking guides take you further into the culture and history of the region. This fascinating local knowledge provides so much more than the pages of your travel guide.

  • Hospitality

    Dominique’s Food, Wine and Culture Tours give you a real sense of her hospitality. From the comfortable travel arrangements to your unique and distinctive accommodation. You are personally escorted and driven throughout the tour. Dominique doesn’t hurry you around, she takes the time to make sure you are enjoying your holiday every step of the way. These are foodie tours – you don’t have to be a perfect cook or a savvy traveller. We cater to all walks of life. From a novice single traveller to couples, budding cooks, the indulgent food lover and accustomed lone traveller.

    The best part is, Dominique’s tours take all the logistic hassle out of travelling for you. As a result, you have more space for flexibility, spontaneity and a sense of personal discovery. She takes care of booking your accommodation. Dominique personally also chooses traditional restaurants and ensures that you see all there is to see in a town or city. The minibuses are spacious and air-conditioned. Where applicable we also use local transportation, giving you an additional real experience of a country.

  • Flexibility

    These tours offer flexibility and often vary in length. This is perfect if you only have a limited holiday schedule in Europe. There is also the option to add on one of Dominique’s culinary experiences to your existing European trip. In addition, if you want to tailor a holiday to suit your specific interests we can do that too. Dominique can also assist you with any further bookings that you may require before or after your tour.

    Each bespoke tour has a relaxed planned itinerary that you are welcome to opt out of it at times if you want to just sit back in the hotel or take time out for yourself. We cater to people from all walks of life, and any age and cultural background are welcome.

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