One of my favourite Sicilian tours takes in the region of Eastern Sicily. This offers you the opportunity to discover the islands of the Aeolian, and the rich lands surrounding the famous Mount Etna. As well, you can journey to some of the most beautiful historical provinces of Sicily. This being Catania, Syracusa, Ragusa, including the towns of chocolate-loving Modica and the island of Ortigia. We welcome you to Catania which is, after Palermo, the lively and second largest city in Sicily. Catch a glimpse of the first leg of my Eastern Sicily tour, as we take you to with us to…Catania!

A tour of Catania

We enter into Sicily’s age-old history, rich in unique archaeological sites and monuments, with one of the more famous being the Villa Romana del Casale. We indulge in the surrounding historical towns that showcase timeless crafts such as hand-painted ceramics. Dining on regional artisan products created using proprietary and specialized techniques, and spending evenings dining with newfound friends and locals. You will experience the triumphant shouts of the Siciliani. We wander through the iconic food markets of these areas. In doing so, we enjoy a spectacular array of vibrant colours of spices, seafoods, and seasonal fruit and vegetables. You’ll be thrilled to see the local produce displayed as if they were works of art instead of mere merchandise for sale. Plus, you will relish the tempting morsels offered by locals to sample.

We welcome you to Sicily and the busy airport of Catania. Our beautiful Hotel is an elegant palace recently restored, located on the Steps by Alessi. Set like a jewel, between Via Etnea and Via Crociferi and in the heart baroque of the historical center of Catania. You will have time to relax or wander around the hotel admiring the terrace. This has sweeping views across the historic centre of Catania overlooking the roof tops of the late Sicilian Baroque style.

La Pescheria markets

We head into the historic centre of Catania for a tour on foot visiting “La Pescheria” markets. The markets has an atmosphere that has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. They are noted especially for the fresh seafood where we can witness the colourful behaviour of local fishermen selling the morning’s catch. Here you will also find all sorts of wonderful fruits, vegetables, meats and deli items as locals pick up their daily shop.

Cultural landmarks

We continue our tour to Catania’s stunning Cathedral. Here the city’s patron Saint, Sant’ Agata and precious treasures are kept. We wander through the Piazza Duomo where the heart of Catania beats and the city’s symbol monument: the fountain with the Elephant stands. This monument is a lava-stone statue that dates back to the Roman era. It is mounted on a more modern structure by Vaccarini from the eighteenth century. Legend goes that this animal became the city symbol because in ancient times pigmy elephants lived in this place. Due to this they protected the city’s inhabitants by chasing away fierce animals.

We meet for lunch giving you the rest of the afternoon and evening to wander this beautiful city, do a spot of shopping or rest in the hotel. Lastly, we meet in the evening for dinner at one of the local restaurants and spend over night in Catania.

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