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Chef Dominique Rizzo’s tours of Greece allow you to experience Greek culture and Greek food with equal passion.

First of all, our small group tours of Greece are unique travel experiences. This is due to their personally designed nature, where gastronomy and culture unite.

Greece has one of the oldest cultures in the world. Consequently, a trip to Greece would not be complete without tours of ancient Greece and all its historical significance. Furthermore, Greek cuisine is also rich in history. Over the centuries Greek food has absorbed many influences, as well as influencing many Western food cultures.

Greek Food Tours

Traditionally, the stars of Greek food traditions are olive oil, wine, wheat and fish. Add to this mix a variety of robust and rich flavours to create the unmistakable Greek cuisine we all love.

Local Greek food is all about honesty, generosity and friendship. Our food tours allow you to experience Greek cuisine in this setting, by getting you away from traditional tourist spots. As a result, you get to know the real Greece not always seen in the brochures.

Art and Culture Tours of Greece

We couldn’t take anyone on tours of Greece without including the country’s amazing and ancient culture. Our tours allow you to learn so much and see so many wonderful sights. In addition, our Greek guide incorporates art history and art experiences into your journey. As a result, Greece will live as a warm memory in your heart.

Upcoming Tours

Greek Odyssey Food and Art Tour – Athens to Santorini

(Personally Escorted Food Tour)

Travelling from Athens to Santorini Dates T.B.A. Register your interest now as early bird discounts apply

Our Greek Odyssey tour is a food and art experience. A small group tour to Greece with Dominique Rizzo and our wonderful Greek-Australian host. This amazing food and art tour of Greece is an unforgettable adventure. We visit the ancient city of Athens, and travel down through the Greek Islands to the Island of Kythira and Santorini.

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