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Discover the true world of travelling through the eyes of the locals with Dominique Rizzo, chef, TV presenter and food writer, as she passionately designs and hosts a series of personally escorted food, wine and cooking tours. For anyone who loves to explore beyond just the sights and sounds of a country, these unique tours will give you an insight into the people and history of each country, immersing you in their local culture, and giving you an experience you will carry with you for the rest of your life.


5 May to 28 May 2019

This fully guided and all inclusive boutique food tour is a tour of a life time.  Claiming to be more popular than Tuscany, Sicily is a must for your next European destination.

During the tour we personally guide you through some of Sicily’s most important landmarks showcasing the best of Sicily and its surrounding Aeolian and Egadi Islands. We give you a Sicilians insight into the history, culture, food and wine of this magical island. Personally selected by Dominique Rizzo, each activity, restaurant, hotel and place of interest has been hand picked to give you more than just a taste.  This tour is about leading you on a journey through land, sea and city and the foods, characters and experiences we meet and share along the way.

With a private group of only 16 people, we take you back in time, meeting the locals and discovering the rich culture and history of its people and their traditions. Enjoy hands on cooking classes and demonstrations, wine tastings, appreciation nights and dinners, long relaxed lunches, olive oil, chocolate, salumi, cheese and market tastings,  degustations, street dining and a spectacular dinner based around the historical Sicilian novel The Leopard.  This tour will capture the historic and ancient Sicily, allowing you to experience some of the most stunning examples of Arab Norman art, gold mosaics,  art, Baroque architecture, historical ceramics and some of the most important churches, monuments and must see world heritage listed sites.  

This tour really captures everything that Sicily is and has to offer, with breathtaking scenic views of sea and mountain.  Why is this tour different from any other? Hand picked, hand selected and personally designed by Dominique Rizzo of Sicilian heritage. Dominique has been travelling to Sicily all her life. This is one of those tours where you can really just sit back and relax, everything is included on the tour, no extra costs, and we include exclusive extras and specialty events you will not find on other tours.