Savouring Sicily, A Tour for the Senses

About The Tour

This Italy tour, Savour Sicily departs from Palermo on a personally escorted high-end boutique travel and food tour of Sicily with Australian Chef Dominique Rizzo and passionate local chefs and guides. Travel through the major cities in Sicily on a gastronomic journey showcasing the most wonderful food. As well, take in the region’s rich history and culture You will find this 13 day, 12-night tour truly a “Sicilian Tour for the Senses.”

We begin our Italy tour in Sicily’s capital, Palermo where we spend 3 days taking in all this beautiful city has to offer, from its amazing cuisine to mountain vistas and wonderful history. In Palermo, we treat you to a one-day cooking class held in an authentic kitchen and many opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine. From here we head west, traveling in comfort to the best Sicilian food destinations and authentic cultural and culinary experiences. All the while, staying in bespoke 4 and 5-star accommodation.

Tour Highlights

  • Take a guided tour to the ancient ruins of Siracusa with a cultural visit to the Neapolis Archaeological Park. This is most noteworthy as one of the most marvelous archaeological sites in existence in Sicily.
  • Head to Dominique’s favourite pasticceria. Sample a traditional handmade “dolce” a recipe handed down for generations.
  • Wake up in beautiful, historical and inner-city 4 and 5 star accommodation.
  • Wander the cobblestone streets for a spot of shopping. Practice your photography or rather, just lose yourself in the 14th Century Baroque architecture.
  • Take in the breathtaking views of coast and mountains.
  • Learn to cook authentic Sicilian food.
  • Most of all, sample mouth-watering menus. From wine tastings, explore street food to full degustations, alfresco lunches, banquets and more.

Why Book This Tour

This tour is ideal if you only have a limited holiday schedule. Or rather, if you are wanting to experience a part of Sicily that highlights this region. In addition, it is perfect to tack onto your existing holiday plans.

We offer a relaxed planned itinerary as part of this tour. Therefore, if you like to have all the logistics taken care of to allow for flexibility and spontaneity this tour is for you. Whether you are a seasoned traveller or rather, this is your first time overseas, you are welcome. This Italy tour is perfect for singles or for couples, that is anyone who enjoys meeting new people and enjoys new experiences and a love of good food and wine. This Italy tour is a bespoke personally escorted tour for 12 – 14 people.

Destination: Sicily

Travelling To:

  • Palermo
  • Marsala
  • Erice
  • Agrigento
  • Monreale
  • Collesano
  • Cefalu
  • Syracuse
  • Catania
  • Taormina
  • Petralia
  • Polizzi

Dates: 21st May – 2nd June 2021

Tour Length: 13 days 12 nights

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Savouring Sicily Tour in Detail:

Guided Tours of Sicily

Enjoy 13 days and 12 nights in delicious Sicily. This is an all-inclusive Personally Escorted of Sicily.

This tour of Sicily includes some of Sicily’s historic and well-noted cities and sights. This includes Palermo, Trapani, Erice, Agrigento, Monreale, Siracuse, Cefalu to name a few. In this tour of Sicily, visit the vibrant fresh food markets. Here you can shop for seasonal local produce and enjoy cooking classes with speciality chefs.

Savouring Sicily – A tour for the Senses offers you a wonderful introduction to Sicily. We visit some of the most popular historical sites, galleries and museums in Sicily. We also take you to places that are a little off the beaten track and not listed in travel books. This gives you the opportunity to further engage with Sicily. You can immerse yourself with the Sicilian culture, gastronomy and people.

Food, Wine and Cooking

Enjoy private tastings of olive oil, cheese, bread, pastries, salamis and small goods. In addition, a wealth of seafood. We visit bustling food markets and towns and wonder at the beauty. Many towns and markets are famous for their old techniques and artistry in ceramic and jewellery making. We visit stunning photogenic towns where you will indulge in pastries and desserts. Taste recipes handed down through the ages. In addition, we show you the real cheese makers of Sicily.

We taste the real Marsala, wander down cobbled streets to find hidden treasures and dine on all local and fresh produce. This is in slow food restaurants, agriturismo, cantinas, enotecas and more. All specialise in showcasing true Sicilian fare.

It is impossible to visit Sicily without taking in the vibrant humming of the markets. We surround ourselves with the colours and aromas of these street markets. We wander through the many stalls sharing moments with true locals. They will mesmerize you with their cooking and preparation of traditional street foods.

The produce is showcased through our cooking classes and by the passionate characters, we meet along the way.
Most noteworthy, we head out in a sailing boat for an alfresco dinner, before wandering through the cobbled streets. Here we enjoy wine tasting and a degustation of local products in a quaint Enoteca.

Cultural Destinations

This tour of Sicily gives you an in-depth look at Sicily’s most historic cities and sights. This is starring in one of the beautiful and popular cities of Sicily, Palermo. The Arabs, Normans, Greek and Spanish among many others, have left Palermo with a rich imprint of foreign cultures. This is evident in its art, design, architecture and cuisine.

Visit the stunning photographic hilltop town of Erice. Erice is a picturesque medieval town built upon much older Phoenician and Elymian sites.

Uniquely, the aromas of mountain lavender, rosemary and thyme hang in the air. This couples with views to the sea which still to this day in this part of Sicily works to suspend this land in its own rhythm of life.

During the tour, you will relax with the iconic scenes and views of the stunning coastline of the seaside town Cefalu. We end the tour in a prestigious landmark hotel resting in its breathtaking position on the coastline for more than 100 years. It was restyled in the 1800s and now stands as one of the best examples of Art Nouveau décor of its kind.


Beautiful and historical 4 and 5 star accommodation options.

Tour Guides

Australian/Sicilian Chef, TV Presenter and Food Writer, Dominique Rizzo. Also planned and coordinated in conjunction Sicilian counterpart Gianluca D’ Alia from Paesaggio Sicilia Travel.

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