My Day on the Isle of Capri

When I was a mere 5 years of age was the last time I visited…
April 10, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

For the love of Sophia Loren



My love of classic black and white movies…
April 8, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

Top 5 things to do in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi that aren’t tourist attractions

When designing my food and wine tours, I like to experience the…
April 8, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

Why I personally would choose an escorted organised tour

As a businesswoman who wants to travel, have time to…
April 3, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

Cracking the Misconceptions about Escorted Tours

7 reasons why Dominique Rizzo Food and Wine Tours are better…
April 3, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

4 Cities For Foodies In New Zealand

New Zealand is not a country that’s necessarily known for its…
March 6, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

Reconnect with your partner at an Island getaway – Tours to Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island

Reconnect with your partner at an Island getaway
February 12, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

How travel and culture has influenced my cooking

How travelling and experiencing different cultures has influenced…
January 23, 2019/by Dominique Rizzo

Top Travel Tips for the Aeolian Islands

September 16, 2015/by Dominique Rizzo

10 Things We Love About Sicilians

July 27, 2015/by Dominique Rizzo

What’s So Special About Sicily Anyway?

July 13, 2015/by Dominique Rizzo

Cooking Classes With a Difference in Sicily

May 29, 2015/by Dominique Rizzo

New Food Tours with Dominique Rizzo

May 5, 2015/by Dominique Rizzo

Join me in Sicily in June

March 14, 2014/by Dominique Rizzo

The Big Story – Sicily

The Courier Mail's the Big Escape story is one of the best articles about Sicily... Book now into Sicily 2020.
March 4, 2014/by Dominique Rizzo

The Sicilian Carretto

A beautiful cultural symbol you will find repeated throughout…
February 11, 2014/by Dominique Rizzo
Sicilian Pasta alla Carrettiera

Pasta alla Carrettiera

February 11, 2014/by Dominique Rizzo

Catania and “La Pescheria” Markets

January 12, 2014/by Dominique Rizzo

Piazza Armerina – Villa Romana di Casale – Caltagirone

December 17, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

All About Cheese in Sicily

November 4, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Our Days On Salina Island

June 20, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Mt Etna and Wild Food

From the coastal town of Taormina and for lovers of very good wines you cannot pass Mt Etna and surrounding towns. This is an area I love to visit on my tours to Sicily.
June 17, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo
Baked ricotta

Ricotta the Mascot of Sicily Cheese

Ricotta you could almost say is Sicily's mascot cheese. You can find it in so many different dishes, desserts and applications and comes in a variety or degrees of fresh, cooked and dried.
June 17, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo
The Shalai Shop

An Introduction to East Sicily

My travels through Sicily thus far have expanded for over almost 30 years. From a little girl with gold sleeper earrings and curls, I remember the joy, excitement and love I had for this island, my Sicilian family, and the abundance that it produces.
June 6, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Characters, Catania and the Markets

June 6, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Caltagirone and the Ceramic Stairs

Perched on a hill top like many hidden treasures is the town…
June 6, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Siracusa, Olive Oil, Cooking With The Signora

June 6, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Chocolate Loving Modica And The Style Of Taormina

The food trails of Sicily lead us to Modica an aristocratic town made famous in the 16th century by the Spanish and the introduction of the cocoa bean.
June 6, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

My Trip To Ustica Island For The Love Of Lentils

Sicilian Food
Travelling to Ustica is sometimes not as easy…
May 17, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Visit One Of The Seven Jewels Of The Aeolian

Come on my stunning tour of Eastern Sicily and discovering the islands of the Aeolian with me Chef Dominique Rizzo as your guide.
April 30, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo

Western Sicily

Tour Western Sicily, personally guided by Dominique Rizzo to take an in-depth look at of Sicily’s most historic cities and sights.
April 30, 2013/by Dominique Rizzo
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