5 Mouthwatering Culinary Walks in Barcelona

Barcelona is a food-lovers paradise. This city is so easy to navigate that you don’t need to rely on taxis or public transport. Don’t listen to those who tell you La Rambla is the place to go. Tourists sipping over-priced Sangria is not the way to experience Barcelona’s gourmet culture. Below you’ll find 5  must see Mouthwatering Culinary Walks in Barcelona to add to your culinary discovery tours. Of course, if you’d rather have all of this packaged together, then join these hand-picked, delicious Catalonia, Barcelona & Costa Brava gastronomic food and wine tours.

La Boqueria Market

No visit to Barcelona would be complete without time spent at La Boqueria Market. Yes, this is a major tourist destination and gets ridiculously over-crowded at times. But, despite the madness, locals still shop there, and even some chefs buy their ingredients from stalls. That tells you immediately that the produce sold there is the best.

Here are some tips – avoid going between 12 and 3. This is the peak lunch period, and it’ll be almost impossible to get a seat anywhere. Make it a breakfast destination as it opens at 7 am. Also, don’t just grab a seat at a restaurant, it’s possible people are waiting. Check first to see if there is a queuing system at that particular establishment.

Remember, the market is these peoples’ livelihood, so you are welcome to take photos, but ask first and perhaps buy something to show your appreciation.

The Gothic Quarter

Spanish food is all about tapas. A variety of plates containing small portions of the best food that the area has to offer. The Gothic Quarter is a great place to wander around. Here you’ll find some of Barcelona’s most important landmarks, as well as some famous tapas bars, all within close walking distance of each other.

Start off at the unique Bar La Plata. It’s been open for over 70 years, and it only has 4 items on the menu. These are fried fish, tomato bread, local sausage, and a salad. The choices haven’t changed in its history. Stop in, you’ll feel like a local here.

Next, you’ll want to visit probably the most famous tapas bar in the Gothic Quarter,  Els Quatre Gats. It’s been open since 1897 and has hosted some famous people like Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi. Their menu consists of favorites like Patatas Brava and many seafood options. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time with a visit here.


Most Spanish tapas dishes are based around meat. But vegetarians need not lose heart. Nearby, Rasoterra offers vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian tapas, all made from local ingredients.

El Born

Another neighborhood worth walking around is El Born. This area with magnificent architecture has adopted a bohemian crowd and, as such, a lively nightlife.

You can spend a day wandering around this district. Start with breakfast at a local cafeteria and sample some of their daily sandwiches. Next, head over to the Santa Caterina market, which is far less touristy than La Boqueria, and is famous for its olive oils.

In the 1960s, the government made a law that all restaurants must provide a ‘menú del día’ – an affordable workman’s lunch. While the law isn’t enforced anymore, many restaurants in El Born still offer this meal on Mondays to Fridays. You’ll enjoy huge portions at delightful prices.

The evening is when this area gets the most entertaining. Walk down the Passeig del Born and pop into any number of bars or clubs. If you’re lucky enough, you might even stumble upon a hidden speak-easy.

Irish Pubs and Beer Gardens

What could be better than spending an afternoon leisurely strolling around and sampling local beers, but in an Irish Pub setting? Barcelona offers that too.

They’re all located close-by each other, making for a relaxed drinking adventure. Start at The Wild Rover Irish Pub, just off La Rambla. A sports bar boasting 6 large TV screens, no matter what you want to watch, it’ll be screened.

A short hop away is Flaherty’s Irish Pub, where they have a wide assortment of international beers and ciders on tap. They also serve all your favorite bar snacks like nachos, onion rings, and garlic bread.

Head north to Via Laeitana, and you’ll find Dunne’s Irish Bar & Restaurant, another sports bar with multiple screens and cozy seating booths. Dunne’s are well known for their home-made pies.

The final stop for the evening has to be The George Payne Irish bar, a few streets north. This bar claims to be ‘the best in Barcelona’ due to its colossal event nights. Bachelor parties, beer pong, karaoke, and fancy dress nights are all encouraged here. They even serve cocktails in liter jugs!

Coffee and Cake

For coffee lovers, Barcelona hasn’t forgotten you. Located around the Sagrada Família, the city’s most sacred church are a number of cafes that serve great coffee, delicious snacks, and of course, free wifi.

Start at Paisano Café, situated directly opposite the church. Treat yourself to their tiramisu, and you won’t be disappointed. A few doors down is Cafe Parc Belmont, a great lunch-time cafe offering salads, sandwiches, and even tapas.

Gaudí Bakery is named after Antoni Gaudi, the architect of the church. They offer French-style crepes and pancakes, and an assortment of chocolate milkshakes.

If you need to get some work done, without being hurried out the door, Buenas Migas is the best place. A few steps away from Gaudi Bakery, they specialize in focaccia. It’s not glamorous like the other 3 cafes, but very practical to get online and busy.

Why not end your coffee stroll with an afternoon drink at Chill Bar. With a stunning view of the Sagrada Familia, you can snack on tacos, curry, or burgers while sipping on beer or a variety of cocktails.

Eat. Drink. Stroll.

There you have it. Barcelona is a food-lovers paradise, and there’s no better way to experience it than on foot. It’s time to put on your best walking shoes and get ready to explore the gastronomic delights that Barcelona has to offer. Go check out the famous La Boqueria market. Spend a day wandering around The Gothic Quarter and El Born. For beer experts or coffee connoisseurs, you can find many options all within close walking distance of each other.

Barcelona is an endless trove of treasures for hungry travelers!