As a Chef, Author and Presenter Dominique’s aim is to inspire people to cook with fresh, seasonal and local produce.

Through her innovative recipes and a healthy attitude her mission is to improve general wellbeing and build confidence in the kitchen. Firstly, Dominique believes that everyone can cook. Secondly, she hopes to inspire creative cooking which brings vitality onto peoples plates.

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Travelling in 2025

These tours of Sicily includes some of Sicily’s historic and well-noted cities and sights where the Arabs, Normans, Greek and Spanish among many others left Sicily with a rich imprint of foreign cultures evident in its art, design, architecture and cuisine. We also discover the stunning volcanic Aeolian islands which will captivate you in many different ways. Each island will offer you an astounding contrast in landscape, colours, lifestyle and cuisine. In addition, the nightlife, shopping and relaxation are all unique.

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Travelling in 2025

My passion for all things Italian takes you to some of the lesser travelled places such as the region of Puglia. Experience the country, sea, and city as we take you on an exciting culinary and cultural journey of Puglia and its surrounding towns. Situated on the South East Coast of Italy this Food and Wine adventure takes you through some of the regions iconic towns and cities enjoying some of the finest wines, slow food olive oil, cheeses, and specialty products. Puglia is a travelers’ dream if you want to experience Italian culture and fresh, tasty, local food.

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Mystical Morocco
Travelling 2025

Experience the country, sea and city as we take you on an exciting culinary and cultural journey of Morocco and its surrounding towns. The Highlights of our Morocco trip truly covers a diverse country ranging from fertile fields, captivating mountains, desert sands and arid landscapes as well as cities, small towns and mountain villages each with their own unique characteristics and people. The trip offers the opportunity to not only experience Morocco’s wonderful landscape, but also to meet the people and to learn about their culture and way of life.

Travelling in 2026

Spain is an area well known for its gastronomy and culinary delights.  In addition, on my Spanish tour you will partake in food and wine tastings, hand on cooking classes and cooking demonstrations from formidable Spanish chefs. Dine in private Gastronomic societies, stay in  luxury accommodation experiencing the city, sea and country.  Tours  include a focused tour to Barcelona, Catalonia and Costa Brava, and likewise the same gastronomic and luxury tour is now available to Rioja and Basque Country including a taste of the South of France. If you have ever wanted to travel to Spain, look no further. 

“My Taste of Sicily” A family cookbook of Italian and Sicilian inspired recipes
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Dominique Rizzo is one of Queensland’s chefs, creating delicious recipes, emceeing Food Events, hosting Food and Cooking Demonstrations, Chef Food Styling and hosting world class bespoke Gourmet Food & Wine Tours to Sicily, Italy, Morocco, Spain and beyond.


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“My Taste of Sicily” A family cookbook of Italian and Sicilian inspired recipes

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My mission is to inspire everyone to make a change for the better with her delicious, healthy, real food recipes
"I love the essence of clean, simple whole food cooking. My food style and recipes are inspired by my travels and culinary experience in all cuisines. Life is too short to leave anything out! I am passionate and inspired by our worlds multicultural kitchen and all dietary lifestyle choices. I believe that with balance in our body we are whole and healthy."

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