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What better way to lift your food product profile and build consumer familiarity than with a selection of inspirational, unique and user-friendly recipes. Dominique Rizzo’s recipes feature her distinctive fresh style and  experience at blending flavours, textures and colours.   Dominique is an expert at developing product-specific recipes, using quality whole fresh foods and ingredients to complement and enhance your food products. Dominique can customise recipes of all cuisines and genres while catering for specific dietary requirements: vegan, vegetarian, dairy, gluten and sugar free as required.

Dominique creates recipe combinations to enhance the specific qualities of your product, designing product label recipes, booklets, magazine & newspaper contributions, promotional material, product endorsements, and recipe book inclusions.

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Designed to incorporate and promote each product individually. A selection of product-specific recipes can showcase the many functionalities of a product. Offering the consumer various recipe suggestions and associated ingredient combinations encourages repeat purchase of the product. Cookbooks and recipe collections are the cook’s true companion. From the home gourmet to the professional chef, a recipe can transform a product with the flavours, textures and dimensions of cooking, further enticing the consumer to purchase the product and take a little of the culinary story home with them. Thus Dominique Rizzo’s recipes are designed to give the consumer healthy, quick and easy ideas on how they can use your product and incorporate it into their everyday cooking. All the recipes will utilise your designated product/s, ensuring it is the star ingredient. Recipes will also include step-by-step methods for use, and tips to showcase the product in a variety of other ways to illustrate its versatility.

“As the food revolution is taking shape it is more important than ever to have your product in the minds of the consumer. The creation of innovative recipes can be the extra edge your product needs to create brand awareness, increase sales, highlight product benefits, and provide inspiration for people to use and incorporate your product into their weekly shopping and into their busy lives.”

– Dominique Rizzo

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