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Throughout my Career I have had the priveledge of coaching and working with many people – both connoisseurs and culinary beginners. Browse some customer reviews below.

I would like to thank Council for the recent “Love food – hate waste” demonstration at Putia. Dominique was very inspiring. I have collected my compost bucket and intend to take the organic items to the local community garden. Please put on more of these nights – Dominique needs to spread the word further. Many thanks
“Love food – hate waste” demonstration, Putia
Thank you again for taking this opportunity to work with Le Creuset.

You have been gracious and a joy to get to know through this experience. I have no doubt that we will build an ongoing relationship going forward.
Le Creuset
Congratulations on having the Waste Not Want Not programme featured in the Cleveland Woolworths Shopping Centre. Dominique Rizzo is fabulous and personally I think she was the best choice to participate in this programme. The speedy pizza recipe is outstanding. Once again congratulations on having this programme in Cleveland good initiative by the Council.
Frances Thompson
Redland City Council Mayor
Just wanted to pass on some feedback from Saturday night, everyone had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the demonstration and the food. Please let Dominique know it has been non-stop talk around the office this morning about the night and the food. They all couldn’t believe some of the things they tried and loved.

The girls have all asked if we could get the recipe for the Sicilian Chickpea panelle, they loved it and saw how easy it could be made.

If you need any recommendations or testimonials we are happy to help out, l think it was one of the best Christmas parties we have had in a while.
Event Host
We should be the ones thanking you. The stand and the feedback we received from retailers and Metcash certainly exceeded our expectations.

I certainly hope we get the opportunity to work with you again in the future
Mark Dring
National Account Manager
Goodman Fielder Baking
Thank you for your support of the inaugural Kidsafe Day Cook-off in King George Square. The cook-off was hot and competitive but also so much fun and the food was delicious. The feedback from the teams was that they all had a ball and thought the challenges and the ingredients were terrific. Mostly they were very impressed with your commentary and participation.

We are determined to prevent terrible injury, injury deaths and disability to kids through community awareness and education and the cook-off certainly created an awareness that was unprecedented. Thank you for being a part of this amazing day.

You have helped us to raise awareness of this important work – keeping kids out of hospital!

I extend my sincere appreciation to you for all that you did for Kidsafe and for me.
Susan Teerds
Chief Executive Officer, Kids Safe Queensland
Thank you so much for such a lovely time last Saturday. We all had a great time and have been cooking lots trying out our new talents, some needs a little more work than others! I have even been looking at pasta makers.

Can you please send me in instructions for making the pizza bases and sauce for the topping.

Sorry we had to rush off to the airport, we did not realise that the day would go for that long as we know you are a very busy lady. If we had not had the plane to catch we might have been there a lot longer so just as well!

Thank you once again and just when you have a moment can you send through the recipe
Jenny, Martin, Emily and Samuel Barrett
(sent to "Food I Am")

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the cooking school on Monday with Dominique. I felt like I was in my element.

I love food and cooking and I just think you’ve done a great job in starting this sort of thing in Wagga! You’ve done well to coordinate it all. Everything was so organised and ran so smoothly. Thankyou for being so friendly and enthusiastic – it makes a huge difference and I hope you go really well with your business. I can’t wait to choose another class to do later in the year.

I’m glad I bought Dominique’s recipe book. I made the meatballs tonight for dinner. They were simple to make and absolutely delicious. This weekend, I’m planning on making the hazelnut tart we made during the class. I’m just wondering where I can get some amaretti biscuits from?
Emma Bergmeier
I would just like to say that my friend and I enjoyed your book review at the Victoria Point Library a couple of weeks ago.My firiend bought me a copy of the book as a gift for my birthday ,which you kindly signed. My husband & I had a dinner party and cooked both the rabbit recipes in the book . Also I made the ricotta , poppy seed and honey cake . All I can say is Yummy!!!!

Thank you for producing this book .I am sure that it is going to be well used in our household.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
My copies of My Taste of Sicily have just arrived. What a magnificent publication. I have only just flicked through the book as I am going out for an early dinner but the sumptuous recipes look sensational and beautifully illustrated.

They have got my taste buds going but it is a little while to dinner so I had better put it down. The photograph of Dominique on the cover is really lovely. How proud you must be. And of course the charming photos of you (and the family) inside. A really impressive book which I will proudly use. Please pass on my congratulations to Dominique.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
I have just received a wonderful surprise gift from my loving family … a signed copy of your new cookbook. I’m soooo delighted. My teenage daughter had the pleasure of cooking with you at the Ekka recently and you really made an impression on her (and myself).

We plan to cook our way through all of your recipes. My husband’s family is also of Sicilian heritage and I’m sure we’re all going to enjoy indulging in many wonderful meals prepared straight from the pages of your book. I hope to do some of your cooking classes soon and have signed up for your monthly newsletter. I wish you every success with your book and thank you for inspiring me to get back into the kitchen.
Liz Di Mauro (and Family)
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
Last Friday I prepared three of your meals for a late supper with a mate. I wanted to treat him to something special and your recipes proved the best recipe! He rolled up his sleeves and helped prepare with me giving us time to talk.

This is what I chose; Zucchini carpaccio with rocket, Tomato, oregano and anchovy salad, Potato, prosciutto & mozzarella croquettes,

All with a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio.

The food was beautiful and very tasty. I look forward to lots more practice.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
I hope you are well and gearing up for Christmas. Thanks so much for responding to my email. It was so lovely to hear back from you. Sorry for the delay in responding – I’ve been very busy, however have found time to try five of your delicious recipes!!

The absolute “hit” with my family and friends has been the Torta di Cioccolata al Caffe Senza Farina (pg 185). I’ve cooked this three times and my kids have descibed it as “the best thing I’ve ever cooked”. What high praise. It’s beautiful and I’ve found it quite easy to make.

The other hit has been the Frittelle di Tonno e Patate (pg 25). My friends were eating them straight out of the pan at a recent dinner party. The other three recipes I have tried were good but I need a little practice to make them perfect. I’ve been having a lot of fun with your book and I’ve been leaving it lying around for my friends to enjoy also.

Anyway, I’d best be heading off now. Thanks as always for the inspiration. Take care of yourself and I wish you, your family and friends a very joyous festive season.
Buon Natale Liz
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
Thanks for your lovely recipe book My Taste of Sicily we have enjoyed making a number of the recipes with good results. I, as the part-time cook in this household enjoyed your simple no fuss approach with great flavours from readily available ingredients. Preparing our own olives using the Mediterranean Spiced recipe was a big hit with friends, even those who profess to not liking olives.

As a part-time potter for many years, Beryl is looking forward to our visit to Santo Stefano di Camastra and like places on our trip.

This has encouraged her to broaden her range and experiment with the colourful Mediterranean style in her work as on the tapas style bowls enclosed as a gift to you for reviving her interest in terracotta clay and majolica glazes.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Our excitement grows as the dates for the trip gets nearer and we share our plans with friends and family.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
I had a ‘Sicilian’ dinner party the other week using your cook book- did the beef involtini for entree and meatballs with peas for main and a ricotta tart for dessert and everyone loved them!

Thanks for the great recipe
Liz O’Brien
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
My Goodness!!! What an AMAZING prize to win!!! I’d always thought these prizes were always a bit of a gimmick and no-one ever wins….until we received THAT phone call to say not only had we won a washer and dryer package from VZUG valued at $7000, but also a 2 week food and wine tour through Western Sicily with Dominique Rizzo as our guide!!! All by just filling in the entry form at the HIA Melbourne home show!!! The Laundry package will come in so very handy with our new house we are building and as for the tour of Sicily…..Words cannot describe the amazing experience we had!! An all-expense paid holiday seeing the most amazing sights and history and FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! My goodness, I have never eaten and drank so much food and wine all whilst sitting in the most beautiful environments!! Thankyou to HIA Homeshow, VZUG, and Dominique for this wonderful prize. It was something we will never forget!!! As the saying goes…You’ve got to be in it to win it!!!
D. Nicholas
Pure Sicilian Food Tours Testimonial
Well, what a wonderful tour we had with Dom! It exceeded all our expectations and fulfilled our dreams.
G & B Mayes
Pure Sicilian Food Tours Testimonial
Thank you very much for the Love Food Hate Waste Cooking Demonstration you presented on Wednesday night. My partner and I found the evening fun, informative and very delicious!

We could see you have a real passion about avoiding waste, and had so many great tips to share about maximising our produce at home. I plead guilty that I had always discarded all the cauliflower leaves, cut way too far into an onion and hadn’t ever considered using a corn husk when making stock. I am a changed man and was so inspired upon leaving Putia that evening, that I went home and began stir-frying up some remainders in our fridge that would have otherwise ended up as compost. I made enough lunches for the rest of the week.

You’re a natural at presenting but we were amazed how calm your delivery was, with so many things on the go in the kitchen at the same time….and still cracking jokes. A really great evening.

We will now be forwarding on this knowledge to our fellow Brisbane-ites and hopefully we can change the wasteful practices in many Brisbane households.
“Love food – hate waste” demonstration, Green Heart Fair 2018
“[...] it was great!!! We all had a fantastic time, [Dominique] is such a wonderful person and presenter, thank you for sharing her with us.

Thanks again. Feedback from staff has been really positive, we knew it would be hard to top Karni (last year’s speaker), it will be super hard to top Dominique!”
Rebecca and Bev from Somerville House
Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers
Firstly, thank you for the way that you presented the “Cooking School”.

Your skills and passion for food certainly came across in the delivery and left us all in awe of what we ended up creating.

The kitchen will never be safe from me again.
Cooking School attendee
The Hampton High Country Food and Arts Festival organizing committee would like to thank you for your support and assistance generously given to our 9th – 2011 Festival.

Once again, on a gorgeous May day, all of the visitors to our Festival were treated to a veritable feast of culinary inspirational delights, entertainment, local seasonal produce and provisions, great music, wonderful visual arts, delicious food and wine.

Your professional demonstrations really captured the imagination and taste buds of the crowds and I am sure you enjoyed meeting lots of your many fans. Thanks also for your endorsement and showcasing the excellent local produce of the region. All of the group who participated in Saturday’s Masterclass are still enthusing about what a wonderful, educational and enjoyable experience it was and are looking forward to receiving more information from you of your proposed tours to Sicily next year.

Once again, thanks Dom, your input to our 2011 Festival was just magic and we would love to have you back again.
Rosemary Jones
Celebrity Chef Coordinator,
Hampton High Country Food and Arts Festival Committee
Here’s another story for your files from the Sunshine Coast Daily. It was a great Festival and the crowd numbers were really good. Your demonstrations certainly added to the excitement over the three days and thank you for joining us Dominique. We’re looking forward to working with you again!
Sunshine Coast Ginger Festival 2012
On behalf of Ronni and OzHarvest we want to thank you all for the amazing job you did last night at the CEO CookOff.

It was OzHarvest’s biggest fundraiser ever, thanks to Qantas and the 120 CEOs, and we raised close to $1 million dollars – that means one million meals will now be served to those in need.

We hope to see you again in 2013 unless Ronni ropes you into another event later this year….
and the Liquid Ideas Team
Thank you again for a wonderfully insightful night in Wagga Wagga, I can’t wait to get to Sicily to continue the learning curve.The flavours were fantastic.

As we discussed, my husband and I arrive in Palermo in March, and would be most grateful for whatever suggestions/contacts you have time to share with us. We have 3 nights at the Hotel Letizia booked, after which we intend to simply follow our noses. Our next fixed point is Florence, so who knows where we may end up? Hence any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and being able to show you more of our part of the world when next you can get here, Best wishes,
Michele Moloney
Hope you have recovered and got your recipes written in time. Thank you so much for all your hard work you were awesome. The feedback I have had on your classes has been incredible all due to the lovely way in which you interact with people. I can’t wait to get you back down for some more classes, the opening of the cooking school and will be keeping my eye out for any festival opportunities.
Food I Am
I have just purchased Dom’s book from the Library bookshop – You all look so lovely. I’ve just had a quick look & will have to wait for a more thorough investigation. I had decided not to purchase any more Italian cook books, but this is certainly one that needs to be on my shelf
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
I would just like to congratulate you on such an amazing and gorgeous cook book “My taste of Sicily” !!! I promised myself last year that I would not buy anymore cook books however after seeing you a couple of times on The Circle I just had to buy yours!

I’m so glad I did…I’m only half way through the book and I have literally run out of “post it” notes, noting each recipe I “must try”. The recipes look divine and you have captured so many memorable meals I myself have been brought up with. Recipes I should have asked my Nonna for when she was still with us. You should be very proud. I wish you every success.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
Just to let you know how much we are enjoying your cookbook. Congratulations Dominique, a true labour of love.

I lent my copy to Mrs Anna Barbi – the incredibly energetic 91 yr old who arrived in North Qld with her mother in the 1920’s, aged 8. I thought you might like to know she told me she shed a tear when she started to read your book, it bought back many memories of growing up in Catania and her mother. She is a fantastic cook herself, and still whips up anything in no time at all!!

I thought you looked fantastic in the photo they ran in the Sunday Mail U magazine. The article read well (although I disagree with continuing the stereotyping of Sicily with the mafia). I was very interested to hear you will be starting the tours next year.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
My name is Jan and I met you on Saturday 5th Nov. at the Wine and Food Expo in Brisbane. I wanted to let you know how thrilled I was, firstly to see you there and how honored I was for you to sign my “Ready Steady Cook” card. You made my day believe it or not. The other Celebrities were great, but to not have to queue up and get a book signed just to say “Hi” to them. But I now have books except one and that was yours. Could you tell me please how much your book is and if I was to get one can I pay over the phone or on line.

I have always been a big fan of Ready Steady Cook, and when my husband (Max) and myself went down to be in the audience in 2009 Matt Golinski was working and since then he has been a very great friend. I went down again this year and yes Matt was working.

Well I will not hold you up and bore you to tears, but would love you to let me know how much the books are please. Can I buy them at a Bookstore???

Anyway very nice to meet you on Saturday, and thank you for making my day.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
I’m sorry its taken so long to reply,

I am so lucky to have been brought up with Sicilian parents, and experience such a strong family tradition & ritual which is the kitchen table. Not just on Festive occasions, or every Sunday evening , but always.

To be able to share some of my heritage with my own children & with friends via your cookbook, means a lot to me.

Thank you for putting into print those memories that not only I have, but I’m sure most Aussie/Sicilians also treasure…

Now you are helping to foster in some way, I’m sure, stronger family values, within Australia through these wonderful recipes.
Buon Natalé
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
Thank you thank you for the book for dad … He almost got a tear in his eye 🙂

We went to my aunty Ena for Christmas (the place you had dinner when you were in Ingham) and she made dad bring the book up to show everyone … It’s was so special !

All we need now is a book stand for the Butcher Shop so all his customer can see your book and dads recipe 🙂

Hope you had a merry Christmas

Lots of love Kayla X

P.S. we also scoped a book out for Nonna and she loved it too! She loves you.
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
Our names may not ring any bells but you have singed your book that we purchased at the ginger factory during the ginger and flower festival this year.

Well I have started to use your cookbook and have found it very enjoyable to use I have made some very nice meals !!

I have made some mistakes along the way but I am learning from them.

I enjoyed the presentation at the Ginger and Flower show and so I will be cooking more from your book.

Thank you for inspiring me to cook outside the norm and prepare meals that I would expect to find only in a restaurant
Brian Whalan
My Taste of Sicily Book Testimonial
What a wonderful time we have had on Dominique Rizzo’s Food, Wine and Cooking tour. [We] just hadn’t expected Sicily to be so beautiful.
M. Carroll
Pure Sicilian Food Tours Testimonial
The planning and organisation of all the events and the food we consumed was amazing, you have thought of everything. Thank you for your patience and friendliness I felt extremely comfortable and at ease with you and everyone else on the tour.
M. Comerford
Pure Sicilian Food Tours Testimonial