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“Sardinia & Corsica Food, Wine and Culture Tour”  –  The Islands of the Mediterranean

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15 day Tour       Dates to be advised

Discover these forgotten Islands. Join Dominique for an incredible journey travelling from Sardinia to Corsica. Experience the best of these two mediterranean jewels in the one tour.  Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mountanious region, with a vast, charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment.  The sea reigns over the island surrounding it with crystal clear blue waters that  migrate into the coves, along the coasts, towards the beaches and the most popular resorts. Sardinia is a ruggered land with mothernature as the artist. Not only is the flora and fauna outstanding, the food, wine and history of Sardinia will astound you. Among its wonders, Sardinia offers the visitor the Nuragic complexes scattered all over the territory. These monuments are unique to the world, testifying to an ancient culture that – though it endured from the 16th to 15th Centuries B.C. still rains rather mysterious. These are archaeological sites where it is possible to grasp the archaic charm of ancient rituals and domestic life. Famed for its beautiful beaches and fascinating history, Sardinia has survived countless invasions by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines giving this island its rich cultural heritage. When it comes to food & drink, you will discover that both Islands offer a gastronomic paradise. Sardinia’s cheeses, salumi, breads, pasta and meat dishes are as local and rustic as they are traditional. Their flavours are of the land and sea.

Corsica’s Frensh inspired culture brings you some of the best cheeses, wines, cured meats, pastries and desserts. Corsica’s cuisine offers a mix of French and Italian cuisines.  The island is wildly beautiful — imagine alpine mountains rising from Mediterranean shores.

Corsican cuisine is a wonderful combination of French and Italian with specialties like chestnut jams, fig cakes and figatellu. Dried sausages, cured meats,  tarts made with brocciu – a sheep’s- or goat’s-milk cheese can often be found in small shops by the side of the road.  We will take you on a celebrated journey taking in breathtaking scenery  of fabulously weathered orangey-pink cliffs set between the little harbour town of Porto and the pretty village of Piana.  See the home of Bonaparte, visit the markets of Ajaccio and the luxurious port of Bonafaccio dotted with bars, restaurants and cafes… We venture to the peninsula of Cap Corse in the north which offers ruggedly appealing scenery, dotted with old fishing villages and the remains of Genovese watchtowers.  For a Food Tour offering something out of the ordinary, this is it.

 Discover small, unique food artisans, who open their local, private kitchens to us. From ravioli making sessions, cheese making, demonstrating culinary skills passed down from generations to a stroll through a rolling vineyard with the actual winemaker and his family. This tour will give you an intimate food, wine and cultural experience that you won’t get from the guidebooks. Sailing, fishing, walking tours, hands-on gourmet experiences, and immersing yourself in the local lifestyle. This is a tour you won’t want to miss.