With Chef Dominique Rizzo’s Spain Food Tours, you get to experience the real Spanish life. You do this, by getting off the beaten track and diving into the local cuisine and culture. Spain is an area well known for its gastronomy and culinary delights. Spaniards love their food, but as in all things they take the time to savour it. Eating in Spain involves many meals, maybe some walks and of course the traditional Spanish siesta. So Spain is the perfect destination for a relaxing gastronomical experience.

Spain is home to many regions, all with their own distinctive geography and culture. Likewise, Spanish food is also so diverse depending on the regions. Spanish cuisine has many influences dating to centuries past including flavours from the Middle East which you will experience first-hand.

Dominique’s Spain Food Tours Are a Cultural and Culinary Delight

Our tours of Spain take you on a culinary and cultural journey. Visit medieval towns, coastal villages as well as markets and wineries. Share cooking classes. In addition, partake in food and wine tastings. See cooking demonstrations from formidable Spanish chefs. Furthermore, stay in both modern and historic Spanish accommodation.

Experience Our Small Group Tours of Spain in 2020

Spain – Catalonia and Costa Brava

(Personally Escorted Mixed Group Tour of Spain)

Travelling to Catalonia and Costa Brava October 2020 19 days 18 nights – dates to be advised

This unique and stunning small group tour of Spain is a true culinary journey exploring the region of Catalonia. Catalonia is located in the North-Eastern Region of Spain. The region is regarded as Spain’s most up-and-coming food destination. Our Spain food tour takes insights from the bustling Barcelona to quaint towns along the stunning Costa Brava coastline.

Led by Chef Dominique Rizzo, this Spain food tour will allow you to taste delicious culinary delights handcrafted by locals. In addition, you experience the real Spanish life as we travel down the beautiful and picturesque Costa Brava.

Spain – 7 days in Valencia

(Personally Escorted Mixed Group Tour of Spain)

Travelling to Valencia 2020 7 days  – dates to be advised

Valencia, nestled between the fertile landscape of La Huerta and the Mediterranean Sea, is overflowing with some of the best Spanish local produce and seafood available all year round. Valencia is a tireless source of inspiration for artists, restaurateurs, and chefs. From dusk till dawn the streets of Valencia are a temptation for locals and travellers alike, with wonderful aromas of flavourful tapas, gourmet shops, and beautiful historical sites. When visiting Valencia, paella is a must-try. Discover the secrets behind making an authentic Valencian paella during one of our fully immersive, hands-on cooking classes, led by professional local chefs. We wander the streets to some of Valencia’s best Tapas restaurants, cruise along the L’Albufera Lagoon, savour authentic Valencian tapas and local fare after visiting the gourmet markets and sample unique wines while relaxing in century-old estates and vineyards. Valencia Old City or Ciutat Vella still resembles its historical 14th century past, from the worn walls and layout of the main street to the lovely plazas scattered throughout, it is a testament to hundreds if not thousands of years of Valencian history. In 1857, the walls surrounding Valencia were torn down and the 6 boroughs inside were exposed to the outside world: La Seu (The See or Cathedral), La Xerea (The Jewry), El Carmen (The Carmelite Convent, formerly the Arab suburb), El Pilar (formerly Velluters – Velvet merchants), El Mercat (The Market) and Saint Francesc (Saint Francis Convent). Each of these neighbourhoods has their own distinctive features and provide different gastronomic offers. Among the barrios (neighbourhoods) are famous bars to go and have popular bocadillos (sandwiches), or fried fish & beer for lunch and an evening drinking vermouth and trying some of the best Spanish smallgoods known to these areas. Every day of the week, no matter what barrio you find yourself roaming through, there is somewhere to go to for delicious drinks and enjoyable food which is exactly what I want to show you on this tour!

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