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4 Simple Tips for Back to School Snacks

Back to school snacks can be a minefield for so many of our children having intolerances to wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy, preservatives and additives, so a fail proof way to keep them safe and healthy is to make all your snacks, treats and meals from scratch. By making everything from scratch you are guaranteed that you will know exactly everything that is in all of your meals depending on what your children can and cannot eat.

Here are 4 Simple Tips for back to school snacks:

  1. Kids love things that they can grab and go so prepare fruit and vegetable sticks with healthy dips, make your own chips by brushing pita or mountain bread with a little oil and a few salt flakes and pop them into a packet, try slicing potatoes very thinly and spraying with olive oil then drying them out on a baking try lines with baking paper and in a moderate oven until roasted and crispy.
  2. Sweet muffins are great but substitute the sugar for stewed fresh fruit and a small amount of honey for sweetness using coconut juice or milk alternatives for dairy intolerances.
  3. Home-made muesli bars and grain slices are great packed with seeds and fruits and can keep fresh for weeks in airtight containers in the fridge.
  4. For hot days freeze yoghurt so that it will keep for longer or enjoyed as a frozen treat!

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