CEO CookOff Dominique Rizzo with Brisbane's top chefs

CEO CookOff 2016 w Dominique Rizzo – That was some meal!

Brisbane 2016 CEO CookOff

CEO CookOff Chef Dominique Rizzo

At the inaugural Brisbane 2016 CEO CookOff, it was a different night than many of our special guests were used to of late. A few hundred people who are doing it pretty rough at the moment, were served a pretty incredible dinner cooked by a team of amazing CEO’s and ten of Brisbane’s top chefs.CEO CookOff with Dominique RizzoYes it was the OzHarvest CEO CookOff 2016!

It was an awesome experience being involved and working with a team of very keen CEO’s, taking them through their paces to produce hundreds and hundreds of plates of the three-course dinner.

CEO CookOff preparing to serve meals

For starters we served two mixed bruschetta options – one was mushroom and whipped feta and the other tomato and fresh basil. By the time that everyone finished his or her entrée the buzz of conversation was starting to fill the hall.    CEO CookOff preparing meals

CEO CookOff by Chef Dominique Rizzo

While OZHarvest provided the entrée and dessert of mini meringues with whipped cream, each of the ten chefs designed their own main dish. Middle Eastern was my cuisine, featuring spicy grilled chicken on a homemade flatbread with pumpkin hummus, fresh vegetable slaw drizzled with a yoghurt and herb dressing. It was a hit.

By then the buzz of chatting and laughter was getting louder; photos were being snapped of shy smiles and big smiles, as chefs and CEOs wandered around the dining tables meeting their guests.

The best news is the Brisbane CEO Cook Off raised $157,998 for OzHarvest to continue with their amazing work of rescuing good food from being wasted and delivering it to those in need.


Be a part of it next year!!! Putting it out there now, calling on Brisbane CEOs to sign up now for the 2017 CEO Cook Off and join with me in giving a hand to those going through rough times.

CEO CookOff

WASTE LESS, SAVE MONEY; 8 Tips for maximising left overs

All the time and energy we put into our sumptuous festive banquets need not go to waste when the day is over, with some careful planning and a little inspiration your following day festivities can also keep the taste buds excited.

Left over’s are a wonderful treat not only because for some reason they always seem to taste just that little bit better the next day they can definitely save you dollars in the pocket and time in the kitchen.

OzHarvest logoThis year I’m participating in Brisbane’s first OzHarvest’s CEO CookOff, where top CEOs, chefs and companies work together to make a difference to Australia’s most vulnerable and reduce food waste. We’d love your support! Click here to donate online to OzHarvest!

8 Tips for maximising left overs   Here are 8 tips for maximising left overs and reducing food wastage!


  1. Left over roast meats like chicken, lamb, turkey can easily be turned into delicious, pastas, sandwiches or rolls, topping for pizzas and of course a mixed array of salads.
  2. With the addition of wonderfully spiced or zesty dressings, some salad leaves and perhaps the addition of rice, cous cous or burghal or your favourite grain you have a nutritious, filling meal that could feed the multitudes.
  3. Roast meats also make great pies, pasties or filo’s for a quick lunch snack. Saute the meats with onions, leeks, herbs and a white sauce or rich gravy wrap in pastry and bake.


  1. Prawns and the seafood platter that may be lingering around can also be used for beautiful seafood crepes for breakfast, tossed through some freshly cooked pasta with a dressing of lemon juice, sliced cherry tomatoes, lemon zest, olive oil, garlic and a touch of chilli makes a quick healthy pasta salad or warm pasta dish for dinner.
  2. Fresh prawns, peeled and served with avocado on toast make a delightful brunch idea or even chopping up the prawns and mixing them with a little mayonnaise, splash of champagne, squeeze of lemon, diced cucumber, avocado and chives and served as a entree or quick lunch with some crusty bread.


  1. Our summer fruits lend them selves to these hot days although if you find that you have an excess, chop them up and puree them folding them through vanilla ice cream and re freezing for a dessert treat, simmering pitted cherries, sliced peaches or plums with a little sugar, splash of your favourite wine and a cinnamon stick until they soften and caramelise and serving them with French toast and a dollop of yoghurt cream.
  2. Peaches are also great in salads with some of your sliced turkey, rocket or salad leaves and a chutney dressing of your favourite chutney, a little olive oil, verjuice or splash of white wine and a squeeze of lemon.
  3. Toss this through your salad and enjoy. If you have over indulged on the alcohol, create a fruit spritzer with chopped cherries, peaches, pineapple and any other fruits that you have, add in some soda water, your favourite cordial or some chilled tea and a squeeze of lime, sit back and relax.

Follow these 8 tips for maximising left overs and reduce food wastage!