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Buy local this season’s best

Having just got back from overseas and a gluttony of all things food I have come back not only with renewed vigour, ideas and recipes but also an acute consciousness to again get onto the buy local, eat seasonal with a focus on healthy winter vegetarian food with flair.

Carrot oranges and ginger soup
Our winter crops are bursting with lighter skinned Sharwil avocados, lettuces, turnips, Swedes, baby beetroot and large eggplants. We as the consumers are needing to be more aware of our seasons bounty and when and what to buy locally.
Eating what’s in season is almost the norm in most European countries and it almost defines their menus even in family households who only eat what they can buy that day. I would recommend limiting your purchases and sticking to what’s in great supply.
All citrus, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, melons are in good supply and don’t be a perfectionist when it comes to your fruit and veg, the perfect fruit often costs more, those melons with a slight blemish on the skin is just as good in eating and can sometimes save you quite substantially especially if you are buying direct from the farmers.
Winter is the time to experiment in the kitchen with baby turnips, carrots, beetroots, swedes and radish.
Here is a easy soup recipe to try using what’s in season!

Carrot, orange & ginger soup recipe