My travels through Sicily especially Eastern Sicily, thus far have expanded for over almost 30 years. From a little girl with gold sleeper earrings and curls I remember the joy, excitement and love I had for this island, my Sicilian family, and the abundance that it produces. My father’s homeland has now become my hearts resting place and a dream come true. Sicily the island, showcases explosions of culture that draw from its rich history of influence, conquests, aristocratic rulings, religion, wars, prosperity and ruin, volcanic eruptions, and a coming together of centuries of art, architecture and food.

There is nothing that this bewildering island does not offer the inquisitive traveller. To this day I am still mesmerised by the sheer greatness of historical influence that Sicily has embraced. It is in these open arms of Sicily that you will want to lose yourself. Travelling is different for everyone, my tours really are about exploring what is the real Sicily. Small intimate groups for singles, couples and people of all ages with flexible schedules. Historic and cultural tours, dining and food experiences that you will savour for the rest of your life. My unique bespoke tours are a way that you can sit back, relax and enjoy travelling with the personalised attention of myself and my guide. From my past experiences with travel groups, my hosted tours offer more than a guided tour.

What’s special about our tours

People who have joined me in Sicily love the personalised attention. They love allowing the tour to take them on this journey. My Food Wine and CultureTours take the struggle out of having to worry about looking for traditional and iconic restaurants and lead you to discover local producers. Many people travel alone, although the thought of dining alone night after night and wandering the streets alone can be daunting. My tours allow you to have space on your own but also enjoy wonderful conversation, company and experiences with a like-minded group of people. We take the guesswork out of selecting stylish accommodation which reflects the traditions of each region. Day tours are organized, the bus is booked and all you have to do is turn up and enjoy the ride.

With my hosted tours, I accompany you throughout the whole tour. I share with you all the experiences, the laughs and all that our fantastic itineraries have to offer. It is easy to travel but not so easy to immerse yourself into the real culture of the locals discovering what lies behind the postcards. My Pure Food Wine and Cooking Tours are something very different. They change lives, change attitudes and bring cultures and people together.

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