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A celebration of Boutique Beer!

It is Queensland Beer Week – 13 July to 21 July and for all of you enjoying a smorgasbord of the amber liquid this post is for you!

Whether you enjoy the paler ale or a darker full bodied brew, you can sample all this and more on our Culinary Boutique Beer and Culture Tour of Germany in 2014. As Australians our love for beer is undeniable and this Boutique Beer Tour has been created just for you.

We have enlisted the expertise of Australia’s Matt Kirkegaard a freelance beer writer and one of the few independent beer educators in the country to guide you through your German hops adventure.

This tour is 13days, 12 nights fully escorted by Matt Kirkegaard Travelling to: Munich, Franconia, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Sesslach, Stassgiech, Arxberg, Salzburg.

Scheduled for 26 May to 7 June 2014

If you book before 31 July 2013 receive a FREE night’s accommodation to relax the day before your tour commences. Unwind and settle into your new surroundings to be refreshed and ready to join the tour the following day. To check out this great deal click here and start planning your next culinary adventure today.

Spots on this are limited to 16 people so don’t delay! To Find out more about this tour click here!


What a Crafty Pint

Those lovers of specialty and boutique beer, Pure Food Wine and Cooking Tours Culinary Boutique Beer Tour of Germany will tantalise your frothy taste buds!

Tour host Matt Kirkegaard is a freelance beer writer and has developed a reputation as one of the few independent beer educators in the country. He is a past editor of Beer & Brewer magazine, and developed and edits the influential national beer website Australian Brews News.

Matt is passionate about beer and his enthusiasm is infectious. He has the beautiful ability to inspire anyone into tasting beer is passionate about beer being more than just a mans drink. He is full of insightful and interesting facts, information and traditions not only about beer but the history behind it and some of the amazing countries that you will visit on tour with him. His tastings are light hearted but with a focus on educating about and elevating beer.

To find out more on how you to can join Matt for this Beer inspiring food tour Click here

As featured in this week’s news from my friends at Craft Pint – Pure Food Cooking’s Culinary Boutique Beer Tours! To visit Crafty Pint.

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Take your love of beer to a whole new level

Ever wanted to take your love for brewing and all things beer to another level? My Culinary Boutique Beer, Food and Culture tour to Germany will extend your love affair with “Flussiges Brot” or liquid bread and all the delights that complement this historic beverage.

Commencing the 26 May 2014 this tour is hosted by Australia’s top beer educator and writer Matthew Kirkegaard and Italian beer expert and Pure Food, Wine and Cooking Tours Guide Gianluca D’Alia. Both hosts will guide you through your unique culinary experience through the natural and historical beauties of Bavaria and Austria showing you the culture, the places and the habits of this fantastic region of Europe.

During the Pure Food Wine and Cooking Tour we will visit Munich, the capital of Bavaria, moving up in Franconia where we will discover the romantic city of Bamberg, a UNESCO listed world heritage gem, and the famous city of Nuremberg. A jump over the Austrian border will take us to the charming birthplace of Mozart, the small and precious Salzburg, surrounded by its beautiful lake district and spectacular alpine region. We will visit baroque abbeys and medieval villages where history and traditions are still alive and discover the amazing scenery of alpine regions and lake districts.

Here, tradition means brewing, and this art dates back more than a thousand years. While Munich is the city of the Oktoberfest, Bamberg is blessed with nine active breweries and it is difficult to pick which of the two cities is the capital of beer in Germany. The Salzburg region is certainly the best brewing area in Austria, with a beer style sometimes different from its Bavarian neighbours. We will meet brewers to discover the traditional brewing process and try their excellent beers. There is such variety of beer styles in Bavaria and Austria that it will be almost impossible to drink the same brew twice.

We will also discover how to use this special ingredient during a cooking class with a local brewery chef. Side by side with locals, we enjoy the happy and cosy atmosphere of the traditional beer gardens and historical taverns that will be the daily locations for our convivial beer and food moments. Regional recipes, Franconian and Austrian wines, the experience of creative German chefs and the dairy products of alpine farms high in the mountains will complete this rich and fascinating culinary experience. To find out more about this bespoke Culinary Boutique Beer, Food and Culture tour to Germany click here.

Book this tour before before the end of July 2013 and receive a FREE night’s accommodation to relax the day before your tour commences. Go to Launch Deal or contact us to find out more!