Quick simple meals for fussy or allergy eaters

Getting back into daily routine after the crazy Christmas and New Year season need not send you into a panicked frenzy. For easy main meals for fussy or allergy eaters I always love to serve a selection of dishes banquet-style, as I myself love to have many different flavours and dishes on offer. With this option there is sure to be something that someone likes. Throwing together a wonderful dinner can be as simple as having a barbeque. To easily jazz it up, try brushing over chunks of vegetables with rosemary twigs soaked in olive oil and crushed garlic. You can also use thyme springs and then toss the grilled vegetables with mixed leaves and or crumbled feta.

Have a smaller selection of meats, pieces of fish or chicken that you can easily throw onto the grill or hot plate. Instead of trying to have different main meals, create a selection of salsas or dressings. This could include a Moroccan spiced charmoula, yoghurt scented with saffron, roasted garlic and sweet apple vinegar or a pistachio and herb dressing. These can be spooned over a plain grilled or barbequed piece of meat, chicken or vegetables. Many great side dishes, including wild grain and hearty vegetable salads can be made ahead of time and brought out just before serving.

If you are cooking with your oven, try a baked polenta or pasta dish or a simple fragrant curry full of fresh ginger, lemongrass and lime leaves. A braised beef dish with a splash of Lindeman’s Shiraz is easy to throw together and can be left to simmer until tender. These dishes are usually free from all nasty intolerance foods and generally suit everyone.

Don’t be bamboozled by desserts either. Try something a little different. Everyone loves ice cream and there are plenty of excellent dairy free/gluten free ice creams out there that you can team up with caramelised or chilled poached or fresh fruits. Serve the ice cream and fruits as is, or layered and frozen in a terrine. Slice it up and garnish with roast almond praline for something with a little more wow.

Allergy fussy eaters healthy dessert

Try some of the wonderful almond or hazelnut meal torts which are great for gluten free folks. Torts can be whipped up in minutes and are adaptable to all sorts of exotic additions. Chilled puddings of sago or tapioca sweetened with palm sugar and coconut milk are wonderful on the warmer nights and are delicious accompanied with tropical fruits tossed with zested lime and a splash of sparkling wine. Or wrap in baking paper and foil some bananas, sliced strawberries and a scattering of dark chocolate. Leave to sit on the barbeque until the chocolate is melted.
With all these ideas your back to work dinners will leave you enjoying the occasion with friends and family and not stranded and stressed in the kitchen.

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