Scintillating Sicily - Dominique Rizzo

 Eastern Sicily & The Aeolian Islands

Scintillating Sicily the Dominique Rizzo way!

Have you been dreaming of experiencing a trip to Sicily? It’s scintillating and fascinating, it’s tasty, it’s colorful and passionate. Your senses will implode as you experience rich ancient historic sites, pristine turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and white-washed coastal villas. Meet the locals who speak with their hands, are funny, friendly and love to share food with you. They will tell you seriously that Sicily has survived many invasions over hundreds of years with ancient ruins, castles and villas to prove it.  They will then laugh and tell you that Sicilians are the worst at preserving the remains of these wonderful buildings.

Scintillating Sicily - Dominique Rizzo

For a touch of scintillating Sicily, the following cities are a must to visit – Catania, Syracuse, Ortiga, Taormina, Caltagirone, Marzamemi, Noto, Mt Etna, St Alfio, Monreale, Palermo and the Aeolian Islands of Salina and Lipari.

From volcanoes to farms, to vineyards, to beaches, these are the cities that are quintessentially Sicilian, where the food is rich in flavour, colour and texture. If you want to cook like a Sicilian, start with my Pasta recipes here

and then get serious about it with my cookbook “My Taste of Sicily” that you can order here.

Sicilians, to whom family is everything, are entrepreneurial, generous and hospitable. To be invited into a Sicilian’s home for dinner is a memorable treat, described by the locals as pure “Shalarvi” – an intense satisfaction or pleasure of the soul!

There is food, there is wine, there is singing and lots of stories and laughter. Guests of honour are treated with great respect and generosity.  To accept it all is such a unique experience.

That’s what makes Sicily so scintillating. If you would like to read more about “What’s so special about Sicily anyway” in my other blog, click here.

Scintillating Sicily - Dominique Rizzo

Dominique Rizzo, a true Sicilian herself, shares her Sicily with you when you travel there on one of her holidays.  Read more about Dominique’s Italian heritage and her travels to Sicily since she was a young child.

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Scintillating Sicily - Dominique Rizzo