Spain and the tapas that took over

Not to go into too much detail so as not to have you feeling completely envious that I spent my Christmas in Spain although I do want to let you know if you have never been before that Spain supplies all the wonders of a European city that evokes the senses in all ways leaving you walking around with your mouth open in awe and inviting you with open arms into a divinely rich culture, fashion to die for and at that time, a very cold cold breeze.

These are just some of my highlights:
The Architecture:



The antiques:





The pintxo and tapa that became the ruin of me and yes I did eat all of these….


Left: French stick with sliced tomato, picked anchovy and capsicum, tomato onion salsa








Right:Roasted peppers filled with tuna and mayonnaise










Left: Boiled octopus with roasted potato, smoked paprika and seasoned olive oil








Right: simmered chicken with spiced apricots and plums ok this was dinner at a ridiculous hour of 7.30 by Spanish standards










Below: A selection of seafood pintxo – crab mousse with prawns and caviar, smoked fish with caramelised onion, caviar, pickle and tomato


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