UrbiPod Know How with Chef Dominique Rizzo

Next in this series “How to grow fresh herbs with Chef Dominique Rizzo” –  UrbiPod Know How

UrbiPod Know How - Chef Dominique Rizzo with her UrbiPod

Follow Chef Dominique Rizzo as she shows you how to grow your herbs on your kitchen bench with Urbipod Know How.

Dominique prepares her new Urbipod for planting, giving you hints on which way is up with the self-watering system and which way is down for the natural coir growing discs, before she gets to the best part, actually planting the seeds.

UrbiPod Know How - the coir mats expanding with added water

After watching Dominique go through the steps, it will take you a mere 10 minutes from start to finish, to unpack, confidently set up and plant your new Urbipod.  Just sit back

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Watch “UrbiPod Know How with Chef Dominique Rizzo at Putia Pure Food Kitchen ” 

And these are the results of your UrbiPod Know How in just a few days:

UrbiPod Know How - the first growth of the herbs.


Next in the series “How to grow fresh herbs with Chef Dominique Rizzo”: harvesting the herbs, which seeds grow fastest, recipe tips.

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