How to Grow Fresh Herbs with the Urbipod and Chef Dominique Rizzo

How to grow fresh herbs with Chef Dominique Rizzo made easy. My new project is to grow herbs for my kitchen in my NEW Urban Feast Cooking School due to open in 2020. The Urbipod is so useful when I am cooking. I have been using the Urbipod for over a year and I have had great success. It’s wonderful to have all the herbs in reach and always fresh. Herbs don’t keep well in the fridge and I know that they are items that tend to be thrown out – that’s your money your throwing away. I found it easy to use and so easy to maintain and I also started growing lettuce and edible flowers. I’m starting a new round of seeds and I look forward to sharing my harvest with you.

Urbotanica, a forward-thinking Australian company has now released the latest Urbipod. The UrbiPod Smart Garden – which as the name suggests will have added features including a sensor to gauge the local growing conditions and best of all its all controlled by your smartphone.

Urbotanica is launching the UrbiPod Smart Garden through an international Kickstarter campaign which allows customers to buy in advance of production at heavy discounts to the RRP. There will be limited stock through this campaign, we are first offering the opportunity to our close friends, supporters and their networks.

We would appreciate it if you could share our post with your network as it will allow them access to the launch day and early-bird discounts available. Click Here For Details.

Kickstarter Urbipod Smart Garden

How to grow fresh herbs with Chef Dominique Rizzo

Join me as I demonstrate the first in a series on my Urbipod experience from unpacking the box of all the pieces, simplifying the jigsaw of putting them together ready for planting. I want to share my tips on what bits of the pod fit in where and which way up so that you can confidently move onto the next exciting step of planting your herb seeds. This may save you time and streamline the assembly of your Urbipod when you join the ever-growing number of kitchen-herb-gardeners.



Watch How to grow fresh herbs with Chef Dominique Rizzo

If you would like to check the Urbipod, here is their website Urbotanica.

Once you have all your herbs growing, join me in my kitchen. I have a great collection of easy, flavorsome RECIPES using herbs.

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Next in this series “How to start planting with the Urbipod”: This video takes you through the next stage in setting up the Urbipod for growing,


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