Dear Dominique,
Thank you very much for the Love Food Hate Waste Cooking Demonstration you presented on Wednesday night. My partner and I found the evening fun, informative and very delicious!

We could see you have a real passion about avoiding waste, and had so many great tips to share about maximising our produce at home.
I plead guilty that I had always discarded all the cauliflower leaves, cut way too far into an onion and hadn’t ever considered using a corn husk when making stock.
I am a changed man and was so inspired upon leaving Putia that evening, that I went home and began stir-frying up some remainders in our fridge that would have otherwise ended up as compost.
I made enough lunches for the rest of the week.

You’re a natural at presenting but we were amazed how calm your delivery was, with so many things on the go in the kitchen at the same time….and still cracking jokes. A really great evening.

We will now be forwarding on this knowledge to our fellow Brisbane-ites and hopefully we can
change the wasteful practices in many Brisbane households.

Thanks again,