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Food and Wine Matching – 2 April

This will be a short and punchy introduction to the marriage and magic of food and wine.  Lots of fun, interactive, engaging, hands-on and relevant!  The kind of stuff you have always wanted to know but have been too scared to ask.

Beautiful Sicily and Aeolian Islands 11 June 2016

This 23 day guided tour combines the best selection of Sicily and Aeolian Islands tours as selected by Dominique Rizzo, giving you an amazing insight into the regions and taking you on a food journey and a discovery of this wonderful Island. Visit the most popular sites enjoying cooking classes, wine, olive oil and chocolate tastings and degustations, sampling some of the finest foods from these selected regions. Price listed is Deposit ONLY.

Indian Cooking Made Simple Cooking Class – 21 April

This is a perfect class for anyone who loves Indian food but never wants to drive out for takeaway again.

Thinking Outside the Lunchbox Cooking Class – 15 April

You will enjoy a hands on experience creating ‘out of the ordinary’ nutritious lunchbox food both sweet and savoury, that will be the envy of all the other kids at school or your work colleagues.

Relish the relish – Cooking Class 23 April

If you love homemade, sustainable living you will love this class. Faye will take you through some of the key tips to creating your own selection of relishes ideal for sandwiches, salads and for those cold roast meats or for gifts.
lunchbox ideas

“Food for Picky Kids” Cooking Class – 14 April

Do you need help with your young picky eater? If you answered yes, then this is the class you must not miss. One of the best classes for parents with picky eaters

Singles night of sharing a Lebanese table – Cooking Class 9 April

Our last Singles Class Booked Out so don't miss out and book today. Lebanese cuisine is both generous and abundant and is a delicious and practical cuisine to share with family and friends for any occasion.
fresh ricotta

Make fresh ricotta and dishes to compliment this healthy cheese – Cooking Class 7 April

I have always loved ricotta cheese and now you can learn to make this simple Italian style cheese at home. Once we have made the cheese, we will transform it into 4 delicious dishes such as baked ricotta with herbs and lemon
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cool as a cucumber

Cool as a Cucumber

For hotter days, Vietnamese cooking or shall I say non-cooking is as refreshing as it gets,. Think luscious salads, splashes of lime, bites of chilli and loads of crispy fresh vegetables. Here is my summer buster salad that fits for lunch or dinner with full crunch.
March 31, 2015/by info@dominiquerizzo.com
hot cross bun and cranberry pudding

Hot cross breakfast

I always relish the days after feasting. There always seems to be leftovers that are lovingly re-enjoyed. Here is a delicious breakfast recipe for those hot cross buns that always seem to reappear even after you thought that the last one had been toasted, generously loaded with butter and devoured.
March 27, 2015/by info@dominiquerizzo.com

Feast at Work and Celebrate

I have a saying: "Through the sharing of food we share life and one is never lonely or hungry.“ For the past couple of years I among many other food identities and Australian chefs have been an ambassador to “A taste of Harmony.” This weeklong event , funded by the Scanlan Foundation gives workplaces an opportunity to celebrate and create an awareness around cultural diversity through sharing of food in the work place.
March 24, 2015/by info@dominiquerizzo.com

Our fridge is the sanctuary of our kitchen

To me a healthy, organised and clean fridge means a healthy body and an organised kitchen! These simple tips will have you on the way to cooking with ease, eating a wider variety of healthy foods and give you all the pleasure that you will need from your chilled kitchen companion.
February 26, 2015/by info@dominiquerizzo.com

10 great tips for thinking outside the lunchbox

With school back in full swing and mothers, fathers and carers working back into a routine the weekly lunch menus are now up for debate. So while the clock ticks and amongst the morning hustle and bustle in getting out the door here are a few lunch ideas for the whole family to enjoy.
February 24, 2015/by info@dominiquerizzo.com

Quick simple meals for fussy or allergy eaters

Getting back into daily routine after the crazy Christmas and New Year season need not send you into a panicked frenzy. Easy main meals for fussy or allergy eaters.
February 6, 2015/by info@dominiquerizzo.com
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