Is Travelling to Morocco Safe?

Yes it definately is ... A few words from my Travel Partners in Morocco

The earthquake that hit Morocco in early September 2023 primarily affected the Atlas Mountains region, which is located an hour and a half outside of Marrakech.

There have not been damages sustained in other areas outside of these regions, and all major destinations are still fully operational and open for travelers.

With the exception of a couple of properties in the Atlas Mountains, all of the other properties, and all of our providers for activities, transportation, guiding services, etc. are still open and operating as usual.

While we are extending our support and resources to all of those impacted by the earthquake, we are also well aware that tourism is an essential part of Morocco’s economy in general, and the affected regions in particular.

Given what our team on the ground has seen firsthand, and what our partners around the country have conveyed to us, our consensus is that, in short, coming to Morocco is the best way to help the country and its people.

We will also continue to share information about ongoing donation drives, fundraisers, and other ways to help support the impacted communities.


While we completely understand concerns regarding the situation in the Middle East, we do not have any concerns at this time about any political unrest that would impact the delivery of client trips in Morocco.

Our country has a long and rich history of welcoming all religions and communities of different religious denominations have coexisted peacefully for many centuries here.

Historically, Morocco has always acted as a go-between in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and we are hoping for a quick and peaceful resolution of the most recent crisis.

Additionally, Morocco is not located in the Middle East — the country is geographically closer to Europe than anywhere else, and a flight to New York is closer than a flight to Israel.

The local authorities are monitoring the situation closely and we are in constant contact with them to ensure that all the guests traveling with us at the moment and the ones arriving in the next few days and weeks are safe.

Our travelers’ safety is our utmost priority and something we would never risk to compromise.

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