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Historical Sicily – Piazza Armerina, Villa Romana di Casale, Caltagirone

Learn all about Historical Sicily at Piazza Armerina, Villa Romana di Casale and Caltagirone on Dominique Rizzo’s Sicilian tours.

Burdekin Readers’ & Writers’ Association Inc.

The Burdekin community,in the main, had never previously experienced a Readers’ & Writers’ Festival and their response was amazing. This was helped in no small way by yourself and the other guest authors . You were all so generous with your time, and your willingness to connect with the locals went down a treat.

Griffith University Testimonial

Dear Dominique,

I can’t thank you enough for choosing to work with us on the pilot study. The evaluation survey starts tonight and soon we will have some data to hand to tell us if Waste Not Want Not can deliver change in reducing food waste. Regardless of that outcome I know you can deliver wonderful recipes and I hope we can work together again in future.

I hope you enjoy the comment.


Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele | Director

Lavazza Film Festival 2015



The 2015 Lavazza film festival opened with a bang and on opening night we were

Foodshowered with Lavazza gift packs, Bucci pulled porchetta snacks and a delicious cannoli with the engaging theme of “but first coffee” – always such sound advice to live by. Oh and those Lavazza coffee martinis were divine.

Lavazza film festival 2015 -Dominique at the Film Festival

Dominique Rizzo

Best new director at the Italian Oscars, Edwardo Falcone, treated us to a burst of real Italian energy with the hilarious film “God Willing”.

God Willing

It is one of those gorgeous Italian films with handsome charismatic characters set in a modern family thrown into chaos with an unexpected announcement by his son. Set in Rome, there are wonderful shots of the Roman countryside as well as the fabulous apartment interiors, where in typical Italian fashion, the wealthy parents live in one apartment and their children are in a neighboring apartment with lots of traffic between the two. The array of hand gestures; pouting and posturing that are so wonderfully Italian, enhance the story so well. It’s a feel good movie where the father in particular learns, albeit reluctantly at first, to accept the changes in their lives.

The festival has film styles for everyone featuring love stories, drama and even the family friendly movie “Italo” with the big shaggy dog that is sure to tug at your heartstrings.     Italo

Not to be missed is another comedy, the movie “So Far So Good” that won the Audience Award at the Rome Film Festival in 2014. With that recommendation you have to see it too.


Nor can you not see “Latin Lover” the mid-festival special movie about the life of Saverio Crispo, a famous Italian actor that is so engaging that it prompted The Hollywood Reporter to describe it as “heavenly moments”.

The 2015 festival in Brisbane wraps up on the 18 October the confirmist2015 with the 1970 Oscar nominated film “The Conformist” described by Michael Atkinson of the Village Voice as “An orgasm of coolness”.

That’s a brilliant choice too.Official

What’s next? A Lavazza of course, and back to the movies!

Lavazza film festival 2015- promo poster


The Scoop A Taste of Tuscany – My City Life

Melissa Loh is one of The City’s top foodie bloggers extraordinaire. My City Life was invited to sample the delights of this event, and Melissa was definitely the perfect person for this Tuscan task.



Healthy Travelling Tips


This season it doesn’t matter if you are going abroad or just cruising around our beautiful country, there is no excuse to let your health slide. Here are some useful travelling tips to stay in top condition and return home feeling revived and full of vitality.

1) Be well prepared so you can go with the flow.
If you are flying, always drink lots of water, take a small atomiser filled with water to refresh your face during flights. Snack on nuts, almonds, seeds and some small amounts of dried fruits. Eating fresh fruit will fill you up and have you less likely reaching for the chips, breads and salty snacks on the plane tray.
If you are travelling in a car or van cut up fresh fruit and drizzle with lemon juice to ensure no browning occurs. Take some whole meal crackers, cut up carrots, celery and or cucumber and a container of hummus or dip. Baked corn chips and healthier snacks like boiled eggs, snow peas or even your own frozen yoghurt will all stay fresh and chilled stored in an esky. Make yourself a container of fantastic salad, bring along shredded roast chicken or make some wraps. If you start strong – then the temptation to snack at the road side service stations is eliminated and you will save money meaning more to spend at your vacation destinations.

2) Don’t be a Spoil Sport….being healthy is not about missing out!
Make sure you take along some of those exciting treats that you love to eat at Christmas to have along the way. Try my gorgeous Chocolate Balls that have no sugar in them – they don’t need refrigeration and with their delicious chocolaty flavour you won’t believe they are good for you.

3) Make sure you have a healthy breakfast or brunch that will sustain you for hours.
If you are travelling by plane, after a meal get up and walk around to help with digestion and get the blood flowing. Remember we generally only eat 4-6 small meals a day so don’t fall into the trap of eating every time the trolly comes around. Ask for fruit and extra bottles of water, and if you feel like a drink, have one but follow it with water. My favourite plane drink is a Virgin Mary – spicy tomato juice, pepper, lots of ice and lemon, I have this when I think I may be hungry as it makes for a reasonably healthy in between snack.

If you are doing an adventure for the day, grab a tub of yogurt, a healthy muesli bar or a pre-made healthy muffin to get you going until lunch, we all know that the fresh sea air makes us hungry.

4) Be restaurant and menu savvy.
If you have to eat out, don’t dive straight into the fast food trap. Try to always choose a healthier option – burgers are fine as long as they are loaded with salad, and ask for what you want, say no butter, whole meal bread for a sandwich, grilled fish, dressing on the side – you’ll feel better for it and your body will thank you too. Did you know that you can eat up to 18 x fresh oysters or grilled prawns instead of just 3 x fried calarmari – and you won’t be denying yourself and again feeling proud of yourself for making the better choices.