There is so much to do and see when you travel to Sicily, and one of the most breathtaking places to visit in this area, is the Aeolian Islands.

From the beautiful north Sicilian town of Milazzo, take the ferry to the stunning Aeolian Island of Salina.

Sustainable Salina

The island of Salina is Dominique Rizzo’s top pick for her food and wine tour destination as it has its own natural water supply, local fishing industry,  vegetable farms and caper vine orchards as well as natural salt from the salt-lake on Lingua and wildflowers used at the beauty spa. Travel to and from the island is by ferry, getting around the island is by foot, scooter or bus.   The combination of zero food miles, traditional farming practices caring for the land,  and low carbon emissions make Salina a gem of a place to visit.  It’s where local chefs cook sensational dishes from seasonal local ingredients.

Enchanting Salina

Salina enchanted the great Italian actor Massimo Troisi so much so that he set his film “Il Postino” on the island in the remote village of Pollara.  When you arrive on Salina at the port of Santa Marina, you feel instantly relaxed and captivated by the magic of this wonderful Mediterranean island where the houses are painted in the palest shade pink with brightly coloured doors and deep magenta bougainvillea and the spaghetti vongole is to die for.

Top Travel Tips for the Aeolian Islands - Dominique Rizzo