Hi Dom

Thank you thank you for the book for dad … He almost got a tear in his eye 🙂

We went to my aunty Ena for Christmas (the place you had dinner when you were in Ingham) and she made dad bring the book up to show everyone … It’s was so special !

All we need now is a book stand for the Butcher Shop so all his customer can see your book and dads recipe 🙂

Hope you had a merry Christmas

Lots of love Kayla X

P.S. we also scoped a book out for Nonna and she loved it too! She loves you.

Liz O’Brien

Hi Dom

I had a ‘Sicilian’ dinner party the other week using your cook book- did the beef involtini for entree and meatballs with peas for main and a ricotta tart for dessert and everyone loved them!

Thanks for the great recipe

Brian Whalan

Hi Dominique

Our names may not ring any bells but you have singed your book that we purchased at the ginger factory during the ginger and flower festival this year.

Well I have started to use your cookbook and have found it very enjoyable to use I have made some very nice meals !!

I have made some mistakes along the way but I am learning from them.

I enjoyed the presentation at the Ginger and Flower show and so I will be cooking more from your book.

Thank you for inspiring me to cook outside the norm and prepare meals that I would expect to find only in a restaurant

Again thank you

D. Nicholas

My Goodness!!! What an AMAZING prize to win!!! I’d always thought these prizes were always a bit of a gimmick and no-one ever wins….until we received THAT phone call to say not only had we won a washer and dryer package from VZUG valued at $7000, but also a 2 week food and wine tour through Western Sicily with Dominique Rizzo as our guide!!! All by just filling in the entry form at the HIA Melbourne home show!!! The Laundry package will come in so very handy with our new house we are building and as for the tour of Sicily…..Words cannot describe the amazing experience we had!! An all-expense paid holiday seeing the most amazing sights and history and FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! My goodness, I have never eaten and drank so much food and wine all whilst sitting in the most beautiful environments!! Thankyou to HIA Homeshow, VZUG, and Dominique for this wonderful prize. It was something we will never forget!!! As the saying goes…You’ve got to be in it to win it!!!

M. Carroll

What a wonderful time we have had on Dominique Rizzo’s Food, Wine and Cooking tour. [We] just hadn’t expected Sicily to be so beautiful.

M. Comerford

The planning and organisation of all the events and the food we consumed was amazing, you have thought of everything. Thank you for your patience and friendliness I felt extremely comfortable and at ease with you and everyone else on the tour.

G & B Mayes

Well, what a wonderful tour we had with Dom! It exceeded all our expectations and fulfilled our dreams.

G & B Mayes

Well, what a wonderful tour we had with Dom! It exceeded all our expectations and fulfilled our dreams.