D. Nicholas

My Goodness!!! What an AMAZING prize to win!!! I’d always thought these prizes were always a bit of a gimmick and no-one ever wins….until we received THAT phone call to say not only had we won a washer and dryer package from VZUG valued at $7000, but also a 2 week food and wine tour through Western Sicily with Dominique Rizzo as our guide!!! All by just filling in the entry form at the HIA Melbourne home show!!! The Laundry package will come in so very handy with our new house we are building and as for the tour of Sicily…..Words cannot describe the amazing experience we had!! An all-expense paid holiday seeing the most amazing sights and history and FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! My goodness, I have never eaten and drank so much food and wine all whilst sitting in the most beautiful environments!! Thankyou to HIA Homeshow, VZUG, and Dominique for this wonderful prize. It was something we will never forget!!! As the saying goes…You’ve got to be in it to win it!!!

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