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An Introduction to East Sicily

My travels through Sicily thus far have expanded for over almost 30 years. From a little girl with gold sleeper earrings and curls, I remember the joy, excitement and love I had for this island, my Sicilian family, and the abundance that it produces.

Chocolate Loving Modica And The Style Of Taormina

The food trails of Sicily lead us to Modica an aristocratic town made famous in the 16th century by the Spanish and the introduction of the cocoa bean.

The Insiders Guide to Palermo

On the 9th of June I will be welcoming my next group with open…

My Trip To Ustica Island For The Love Of Lentils

Sicilian Food Travelling to Ustica is sometimes not as easy…

What a Crafty Pint

Those lovers of specialty and boutique beer, Pure Food Wine and…

Take your love of beer to a whole new level

Ever wanted to take your love for brewing and all things beer…

Visit One Of The Seven Jewels Of The Aeolian

Come on my stunning tour of Eastern Sicily and discovering the islands of the Aeolian with me Chef Dominique Rizzo as your guide.

Great Launch Deal

As a celebratory gift to you, book your Pure Food Wine and Cooking…

4,3,2,1… Blast Off!

Today is the day!! We are finally here with the launch of my…