Peach, Lime and Passionfruit Ginger Beer Ice Blocks

Taking advantage of summer peaches and sweet passionfruit, these Peach, Lime, Passionfruit and Ginger Beer ice blocks are a fantastic snack for a hot summers day. Full of fruit, refreshing and with that iconic Ginger beer flavour, big and little ice block lovers will enjoy these.

Loaded Ginger Jam and Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice-cream Sandwich

Worth every second of effort. These loaded ginger and chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate and ginger ice cream are indulgent and ridiculously scrumptious. The surface of the cookie is full of Buderim Chocolate Ginger chunks, with a creamy delicious smooth ice cream which any one can make.

Crispy Fried Coconut Prawns with Green Papaya salad and Pickled Ginger Chili sauce

Who doesn't love a crispy fried coconut prawn cutlet!  I have to say my combination of flavours for the Green papaya salad and the sticky Pickled Ginger Chili are just delicious, perfect for an entrée, canapé, or starter to a dinner party.

One Bowl Orange & Lemon Sponge Brownies

Enjoy my One Bowl Orange & Lemon Sponge Brownies using any of your favourite citrus fruits. This is an easy one bowl recipe that you can whip up anytime for any occasion. Best eaten with a dollop of cream, yoghurt  or a spoon of ice cream.

Strawberry Vanilla Crumble

A simply delicious Strawberry Vanilla Crumble dessert that’s quick and easy to prepare! Made with loads of this season’s fresh strawberries and topped with a crunchy vanilla crumbly topping. This self-saucing crumble makes its own strawberry syrup that is just incredible. A perfect dessert to satisfy any berry lover.

Crispy Ricotta Tortelloni with Blue Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes, Prosciutto & Lemon

An easy entertaining idea has always been a quick Italian inspired antipasto platter. Why not take your antipasto a step further and combine it with traditional Italian tortelloni for these tasty Crispy Ricotta Tortelloni with Blue Cheese, Roasted Tomatoes, Prosciutto & Lemon.

Keto & Gluten Free Flax Crackers

Crackers, bread, and sweeties are most fo the food items people miss when they are doing the keto diet. These Keto Flax crackers are so easy and tasty, low in carbs, sugar and gluten-free and make the perfect Keto staple to have in your pantry. 

Apple Zucchini and Nectarine Chutney

What better way to help preserve some of your fresh fruit and vegetables than to make them into this delicious Apple Zucchini and Nectarine Chutney. 
Ideal for serving with cheese,  roasts or cold sliced meats, sandwiches, and rolls, as an accompaniment to curries or to add to casseroles and slow-cooked dishes.

Italian Apple & Pine Nut Cake

One of the best Italian Apple and Pine nut cakes around. This is a really moist and delicious basic apple cake that looks really pretty, but it could hardly be quicker and easier to make. A specialty of Italian grandmas and a real fail-safe crowd pleaser anywhere!

Keto & Gluten Free Carrot Cake

The best carrot cake recipe for those on the Keto Diet. Low Carb & Gluten-Free this Carrot Cake Recipe is so easy to make with simple ingredients, great for spring and Easter. Its also sugar-free, soft and moist carrot cake layers made with coconut and almond flour with sweet cream cheese frosting. A must to try.

Low Carb/Gluten Free & Keto All Year Eating Hot Cross Buns

This is the best recipe for Low Carb/Gluten Free & Keto All Year Eating Hot Cross Buns.
These are so easy to make and so tasty, they toast up beautifully and freeze really well. I think we should make them every other week. For those of you who love fruit toast and going Carb Free or Keto... you will love this bread. Give it a go and let me know. 

Strawberry Marshmallow

The best and easiest marshmallow recipe on the market. This Strawberry marshmallow is perfect for eating on its own or adding to all sorts of desserts. Once you have the basic recipe you can add in all sorts of flavouring and or colours to make your own flavour combinations. 
Raspberry Yoghurt Cup Cakes

Raspberry and Chocolate Yoghurt Cup Cakes

Try these Raspberry and Chocolate Yoghurt Cup Cakes. Sooooo deliciously moist, you will have a hard time just stopping at one. They are the perfect cupcake to take to a party, for kids lunches or if you just need a good cupcake base recipe, this is the one.

Low Sugar Chocolate

Puff pastry Cheese twists

Puff Pastry Cheese Twists

For an easy quick accompaniment to a platter, party or a simple home snack, these Puff Pastry Cheese Twists are as easy as they are delicious.
Asparagus, blue cheese and orange salad

Grilled Asparagus with Sticky Walnuts, Celery Leaves, Blue Cheese and Orange Dressing

You will love this sophisticated salad, tender asparagus, sweet, sticky walnuts and a tang of blue cheese. All brought together with a simple fresh orange dressing.
How to put together a cheese platter

The Gourmet Cheese Platter

Creating a deluxe cheese platter is more than a few wedges on a plate, here are some easy tips to create the ultimate cheese platter.
Honey glazed berry Plavlova

20 Minute Honey Glazed Berry Pavlova with Lemon Curd Cream

When you have fresh summer berries you will want to show them off with this quick and easy family favourite. Sticky, sweet with a hint of tangy lemon and all you need to do is mix and serve.
Nectarine, Halloumi, Pear and rocket salad

Nectarine and Halloumi Salad

One of my favourite salads with fried halloumi, fresh sweet nectarines and crunchy pears all tossed with peppery rocket. A perfect salad for when stone fruits are in season and you want a meal more than a snack.

Crackling Pork Loin With Smashed Apple Sauce

Oh how we love crackling! Nothing can be simpler and delicious than this recipe for a twist on your traditional roast pork. Once you have mastered the art to perfect crackling this recipe will be a family favourite.
Chicken, sweet potato and chickpea salad

Roast Chicken, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Salad with Honey and Mustard Dressing

This Chicken Roast potato and chickpea salad is perfect for a lunch or dinner option and is filling enough to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites.
Mango and lime coconut cream mousse

Mango, Lime and Coconut Cream Mousse

This Mango Lime and Coconut Mousse is as light as your traditional mousse with whipped cream and just as delicious as the coconut cream will produce a wonderful smooth creamy texture.

Cinnamon Spiced Tea Punch with Fresh Mango, Lime and Summer Berries

Prawn Cocktail Tart with Basil and Avocado

Prawn and Avocado Cocktail Tarts with Fresh Basil

Serves 6
20 mins prep 15 mins cooking
Duck Fat TRoast Vegetables

Homestyle Roast Vegetables with Herbs

For the perfect accompaniment to any special meal or for a mid-week vegetable makeover, a little duck fat goes a long way to give your favourite vegetables a simple gourmet twist. These homestyle vegetables will make it so easy for you to create deliciously crispy potatoes and lovely brown caramelised vegetables bringing extra flavour to your table.
Plum pudding with caramel sauce with grilled peaches

Luxury Irish Pudding with Sticky Pan Peaches and Caramel Sauce

A spectacular festive dessert doesn’t have to take you hours.  The best thing about this Luxury Irish pudding with sticky pan peaches and caramel sauce is it’s all in the pudding, and that’s done for you.
Recipes Dominique Rizzo - Roast Chicken with raspberry vinaigrette

Roast chicken, cinnamon fried pumpkin and spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette

Serving Size: 6
Difficulty: Easy
• Prep time: 20 minutes
• Cook time: 10 minutes

Asparagus and Quinoa Salad with Toasted Seeds and Strawberries

Apple balsamic and basil Pork scotch fillet stuffed with pears, figs and pistachio nuts

Serves 6 to 8
Prep 20 min Marinate 1 hour Cook 1.20 hour Stand for 10min

Baked ham glazed with fresh apricots, brown sugar and orange

Roast Turkey with stuffing

Roast Turkey with Citrus, Sage and Apricot stuffing

Serving Size: serves 6 ( with leftovers for lunch)
Difficulty: medium
• Prep time: 30 minutes
• Cook time: 2hrs 50 minutes
Scallop and poached cod mille feuille

Scallop and Poached Cod Mille Feuille with Champagne Sauce

Serves: 6 Adults
Skill: Medium
Prep: 20 mins Cook 70 mins
Confit salmon

Confit Salmon Cannelloni with Tomato, Mascarpone Sauce

Serves: 4 Adults
Skill: Medium
Prep: 30 mins Cook 30 mins
Whole baked salmon

Whole Baked Salmon with Cucumber and Watercress Salad and Caper Crème Fraiche Dressing

Serves: 8-10 Adults
Skill: Medium
Prep: 40 mins Cook 60 mins

Potato Blinis w Cured Trout and Roast Garlic, Caper and Lime Aioli

Serves: 5 Adults
Skill: Medium
Prep: 30 mins Cook 30 mins
Healthy chocolate truffle

“I can’t believe they are not chocolate” Healthy Chocolate Truffles

Serves : 40 Makes: 40 truffles
Skill : Easy
Prep : Overnight soaking + 15 mins
Cook: 0 min

Best Fruit Mince Tarts

My grandmother was always making Christmas specialties like rum balls and the best fruit mince tarts and I always loved them. This is her recipe full of fruit and spice.

Cheesy Smoked Paprika Short Bread

Serves : 10
Skill : Medium
Prep : 20min
Cook : 20min

Cannoli with chocolate custard

Serves : 10-12
Skill : Medium
Prep : 2.5hrs
Cook : 30min
Salmon, Ricotta and Herb Cream en Crouton

Salmon, Ricotta and Herb Cream en Crouton

Serves : 10
Skill : Easy
Prep : 15min
Cook : 15min
Dominique Rizzo - Recipes Fig Compote Christmas Cake

Fig Compote Christmas Cake

Serves : 16
Skill : Medium
Prep : 20min
Cook : 1hr 40min
Curry Spiced Nuts

Curry Spiced Nuts

Serves : 4
Skill : Easy
Prep : 10min
Cook : 15min
Pistachio and cranberry short bread

Pistachio and cranberry short bread

Serves : 4
Skill : Easy
Prep : 15min
Cook : 15min
Steamed puddings

Individual Steamed Christmas Puddings

Serves : 11
Skill : Medium
Prep : 30min
Cook : 60min

Dairy free Date and Coconut Cakes

Serves : 16
Skill : Easy
Prep : 30min
Cook : 45min

Panforte di Siena in Bianco

Serves : 16
Skill : Medium
Prep : 30min
Cook : 30min

Raisin Pepper and Amaretto chocolate cake

Serves : 16
Skill : Medium
Prep : 30min
Cook : 50min