Peach, Lime and Passionfruit Ginger Beer Ice Blocks

Taking advantage of summer peaches and sweet passionfruit, these Peach, Lime, Passionfruit and Ginger Beer ice blocks are a fantastic snack for a hot summers day. Full of fruit, refreshing and with that iconic Ginger beer flavour, big and little ice block lovers will enjoy these.

Loaded Ginger Jam and Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice-cream Sandwich

Worth every second of effort. These loaded ginger and chocolate chip cookies with a chocolate and ginger ice cream are indulgent and ridiculously scrumptious. The surface of the cookie is full of Buderim Chocolate Ginger chunks, with a creamy delicious smooth ice cream which any one can make.

Poached Peach & Vanilla Melba, Sparkling Raspberry Sorbet, Buttermilk ice cream, Coconut Almond crumble

My Poached Peach & Vanilla Melba with Sparkling Raspberry Sorbet, Buttermilk ice cream & Coconut Almond crumble is definitely more than a delicious mouthful.

One Bowl Orange & Lemon Sponge Brownies

Enjoy my One Bowl Orange & Lemon Sponge Brownies using any of your favourite citrus fruits. This is an easy one bowl recipe that you can whip up anytime for any occasion. Best eaten with a dollop of cream, yoghurt  or a spoon of ice cream.

Strawberry Vanilla Crumble

A simply delicious Strawberry Vanilla Crumble dessert that’s quick and easy to prepare! Made with loads of this season’s fresh strawberries and topped with a crunchy vanilla crumbly topping. This self-saucing crumble makes its own strawberry syrup that is just incredible. A perfect dessert to satisfy any berry lover.
Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes with Maple Crunch Pecans

It doesn't have to be a special occasion to enjoy these deliciously easy and gluten- free spiced pumpkin pancakes. Perfect for breakfast, a special treat or a dessert with a difference.

Italian Apple & Pine Nut Cake

One of the best Italian Apple and Pine nut cakes around. This is a really moist and delicious basic apple cake that looks really pretty, but it could hardly be quicker and easier to make. A specialty of Italian grandmas and a real fail-safe crowd pleaser anywhere!

Keto & Gluten Free Carrot Cake

The best carrot cake recipe for those on the Keto Diet. Low Carb & Gluten-Free this Carrot Cake Recipe is so easy to make with simple ingredients, great for spring and Easter. Its also sugar-free, soft and moist carrot cake layers made with coconut and almond flour with sweet cream cheese frosting. A must to try.

Low Carb/Gluten Free & Keto All Year Eating Hot Cross Buns

This is the best recipe for Low Carb/Gluten Free & Keto All Year Eating Hot Cross Buns.
These are so easy to make and so tasty, they toast up beautifully and freeze really well. I think we should make them every other week. For those of you who love fruit toast and going Carb Free or Keto... you will love this bread. Give it a go and let me know. 

Low Carb/Gluten Free Carrot Cheesecake Bites

Packed with flavour, these freezer-friendly Carrot Cheesecake Bites are a wonderful lunchbox addition or grab and go snack. This simple recipe comes together in no time in your food processor. 

Strawberry Marshmallow

The best and easiest marshmallow recipe on the market. This Strawberry marshmallow is perfect for eating on its own or adding to all sorts of desserts. Once you have the basic recipe you can add in all sorts of flavouring and or colours to make your own flavour combinations. 
Raspberry Yoghurt Cup Cakes

Raspberry and Chocolate Yoghurt Cup Cakes

Try these Raspberry and Chocolate Yoghurt Cup Cakes. Sooooo deliciously moist, you will have a hard time just stopping at one. They are the perfect cupcake to take to a party, for kids lunches or if you just need a good cupcake base recipe, this is the one.
Chocolate avocado muffins

Gluten Free Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes

I love a little bit of baking and I love it when I come across a recipe that's healthy, quick and easy. These Gluten-Free Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes are the perfect gluten-free treat.
Chocolate bounty bars

Raspberry Coconut Bliss Bars

Hopefully, this is going to make it easy for you to create three different healthy sweet treats including my Raspberry Coconut Bliss Bars

Low Sugar Chocolate

Low Sugar Double Coconut & Chocolate Bars

So addictive...I made a large batch of these Low Sugar Double Coconut and Chocolate Bars and then divided the mix to make my Rasberry Bliss Chocolate bars...they were delicious as well and a well-deserved treat when I wanted something special. 

Keto Raspberry Bliss Balls

For your next sweet craving, you must try my healthy, low carb zingy Raspberry Berry Bliss Balls. They will definitely keep you from reaching for the fake stuff.

Low Carb Keto Peanut Caramel

My desire for a caramel center to my Keto Chocolate Peanut Bombs had me searching for different recipes and ideas for something simple, quick and versatile and this was the result. My Low Carb Peanut Caramel is a basic version of the recipe. 
Keto Chocolate and peanut bombs with freeze dried strawberries

Keto & Low Carb Chocolate & Peanut Bombs

These are the easiest Keto & Low carb chocolate peanut bombs I have made and if you love nuts and chocolate you are in for a real treat. Low in sugar and using organic cocoa and coconut oil, I found this recipe was extremely versatile and I have also made it with almond, cashew and macadamia butter.
Italian Almond Pudding

Italian Milk Pudding with Orange Sponge & Toasted Cinnamon Almonds

You can’t get simpler than this dessert. Commonly known as Biancomangiare in Sicily. It is a sort of and Italian Pudding with Orange Sponge and Toasted Cinnamon Almonds.

Chocolate, Toasted Almond & Vanilla Ricotta Ice Cream Cassata, Festive Fruits, Berry Sauce

Inspired by the sweet Sicilian ricotta cassata,  a traditional dessert made with soaked sponge, ricotta laced with candied fruit and traditionally covered with a green marzipan.  My version of the cassata comes in the form of  a Chocolate, Toasted Almond & Vanilla Ricotta Ice Cream cake

No Bake Cornflake and Coconut Slice

I love no-bake slices and this No-Bake Cornflake and Coconut slice is a winner. When it comes to healthy guilt-free desserts or sweet treats,  I like to avoid all sugar.. but sometimes you just need to let go. 
fig and almond brownie

Fig & Almond Brownie

Using black Adzuki beans in this Vegan Fig & Almond brownie recipe gives you a delicious healthy treat packed with protein and fiber. Gluten-free and dairy free they make a healthy treat for the non-chocolate chocolate lover.  I used drained tinned black Adzuki beans although you can boil your own, making sure they are cooked until very soft.
Vegan Passionfruit Cashew Chia Slice

Vegan Passionfruit, Cashew & Chia Coconut Slice

We all love a healthy sweet slice that requires no cooking and is as simple as adding everything into a blender and blending until silky smooth. This Vegan No-Bake Passionfruit, Cashew and Chia slice hits the spot for quick, healthy and delicious.
Strawberry Yoghurt pannacotta

Strawberry Yoghurt and Vanilla Pannacotta

Translated to cooked cream, pannacotta is a delicious Italian cooked set cream dessert that is adaptable to many flavours.
Here I have married thickened cream and tangy yogurt with fresh sweet strawberries, freeze-dried strawberries, and vanilla.
Honey glazed berry Plavlova

20 Minute Honey Glazed Berry Pavlova with Lemon Curd Cream

When you have fresh summer berries you will want to show them off with this quick and easy family favourite. Sticky, sweet with a hint of tangy lemon and all you need to do is mix and serve.
Chia seed gluten Free brownie

Gluten Free Cherry, Walnut and Chocolate Chia Brownies

Oh Tanya Hubbard from "Gluten, Grain and Nut Free" you have saved my life! I interviewed Tanya on my 4BC radio show “Fresh on Sunday”,  and she was chatting about this brownie recipe she had brought in baked as a cake. I made these Gluten Free Cherry, Walnut and Chocolate Chia Brownies adapted from her recipe. 
Mango and lime coconut cream mousse

Mango, Lime and Coconut Cream Mousse

This Mango Lime and Coconut Mousse is as light as your traditional mousse with whipped cream and just as delicious as the coconut cream will produce a wonderful smooth creamy texture.
Plum pudding with caramel sauce with grilled peaches

Luxury Irish Pudding with Sticky Pan Peaches and Caramel Sauce

A spectacular festive dessert doesn’t have to take you hours.  The best thing about this Luxury Irish pudding with sticky pan peaches and caramel sauce is it’s all in the pudding, and that’s done for you.
Dominique Rizzo Recipes

Amaretto soaked fig, orange and ricotta cassata gelato with espresso syrup

Traditionally the Sicilian Cassata is made from sponge, ricotta and lashings of marzipan and a very sweet icing. Although I love the traditional cassata, I also love gelato and figured that the meeting of these two recipes could only mean sheer pleasure for the mouth.
Dominique Rizzo - Date, ginger and pecan tart

Date, Ginger, Pecan and Fresh Fruit Tart

I love this Date, Ginger, Pecan and Fresh Fruit Tart because there is no baking, making it so quick, simple and healthy to put together and it is gluten free.

Baked Yoghurt Cheesecake with poached oranges

Serves: 4 to 6
Difficulty: Easy
Prep: 25mins Cook 30mins

Spelt hotcakes with berries and cinnamon honey quark recipe

These spelt hotcakes are a perfect way to start a blissful day, packed with wholesome goodness, nuts, oats, coconut and using fresh seasonal berries, spiced cinnamon honey and naturally low fat quark.

Vegan Healthy spelt coconut slice

10 -20 slices
Prep 10min Cook 45min

Steamed Pumpkin and Date Custard Puddings

Serves: 6 adults
Skill: Easy
Prep: 15 min Cook: 30 min
Dominique Rizzo - Recipes

Flourless Chocolate Puddings with Strawberry Basil Salad

Serves: 4 Adults
Skill: Easy
Prep: 15 min Cook: 15 min

Saffron and Honey Silk Parfait with Poached Red Wine Pears

Serves: 6
Skill: Medium
Prep: 20 min Cook: 25 min

Italian Jam Crostata

Serves: 6 Adults
Skill: Medium
Prep: 30 mins Cook: 30 mins
Dominique Rizzo - Cake flourless coconut chocolate

Flourless Coconut and Chocolate Layered Cake

Serves: 12 Adults
Skill: Medium
Prep: 40 mins Cook 60 mins

Chocolate Mousse and Strawberries

Serves: 3 Adults
Skill: Easy
Prep: 10 mins Cook 0 mins

No Bake, Summer Sponge Jelly and Fruit Pudding

Serves: 8 Adults
Skill: Easy
Prep: 20 mins Cook 10 mins
Dominique Rizzo

One bowl hazelnut cake

Serves : 12
Skill : Easy
Prep : 10min
Cook : 50min

Peach Jam and Yoghurt Crumble Slice

Serves : 20
Skill : Easy
Prep : 20min
Cook : 40min
Dominique Rizzo - Date, Pecan and Sour Cream Strawberry Tart

Date, Pecan and Sour Cream Strawberry Tart

Serves : 7
Skill : Easy
Prep : 20min
Cook : No Bake

Yoghurt and Orange Blossom Berry Panna Cotta

My Yoghurt and Orange Blossom Berry Panna Cotta is a deliciously light idea for breakfast, a cheeky snack or simple dessert. Its easy to put together and best of all you can use any type of molds, glasses or even in a bowl to decorate it with seasonal fruits, granola, or chopped nuts.

Weetbix Rum Balls

Serves : 4
Skill : Easy
Prep : 10min
Cook :

Best Fruit Mince Tarts

My grandmother was always making Christmas specialties like rum balls and the best fruit mince tarts and I always loved them. This is her recipe full of fruit and spice.

Italian Almond Biscuits

Serves : 20
Skill : Easy
Prep : 5min
Cook : 12min

Cannoli with chocolate custard

Serves : 10-12
Skill : Medium
Prep : 2.5hrs
Cook : 30min
Dominique Rizzo - Recipes Fig Compote Christmas Cake

Fig Compote Christmas Cake

Serves : 16
Skill : Medium
Prep : 20min
Cook : 1hr 40min
Dominique Rizzo - No Bake Yoghurt Cheesecake with Fresh Figs, Vanilla and Honey

No Bake Yoghurt Cheesecake with Fresh Figs, Vanilla and Honey

Serves : 12-14
Skill : Easy
Prep : 15min
Cook : 5min
Baked Ricotta with Almonds, Figs and Orange Syrup

Baked Ricotta with Almonds, Figs and Orange Syrup

Serves : 6-8
Skill : Easy
Prep : 15min
Cook : 20min
Lemon Polenta Cake

Gluten Free Spiced polenta, coconut, orange and lemon cake

Serves : 8
Skill : Easy
Prep : 20min
Cook : 45min
Steamed puddings

Individual Steamed Christmas Puddings

Serves : 11
Skill : Medium
Prep : 30min
Cook : 60min
Dominique Rizzo - Recipes

Almond and pine nut salted caramel brittle

Serves : 6
Skill : Medium
Prep : 10min
Cook : 10min

Dairy free Date and Coconut Cakes

Serves : 16
Skill : Easy
Prep : 30min
Cook : 45min

Panforte di Siena in Bianco

Serves : 16
Skill : Medium
Prep : 30min
Cook : 30min

Raisin Pepper and Amaretto chocolate cake

Serves : 16
Skill : Medium
Prep : 30min
Cook : 50min

Spiced apple, saffron and polenta cake

Serves : 12
Skill : Easy
Prep : 20min
Cook : 45min

Easy Almond and Rhubarb Tart Recipe

Serves : 6-8
Skill : Easy
Prep : 20min
Cook : 30min
What more do you need in your busy life than a Quick and Easy Almond and Rhubarb Tart to serve to your family as dessert at a relaxed Sunday lunch.